Sigur software has a modular plug-in architecture. All installed modules are integrated into a single user interface. You can add extra modules to the installed system at any time.


Sigur software has a client-server architecture. Individual workstations in the system are not licensed, which means that any number of users can use the software with the rights assigned to every individual user.

You will have to install any of the software modules on the system server only once and then you will be able to use its functionality across all your workstations connected to this server. How close or far away your workstations from the server are is irrelevant.

System requirements

Sigur server software and Sigur client software can operate under Microsoft Windows (the server requires at least Windows 7 SP1 or newer, the workstation should run on at least Windows XP SP3 or newer), regardless of the bit size, or Linux (Debian 32 bit).