Zone capacity limitation

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In Sigur, the number of people or vehicles that can simultaneously stay in a certain zone can be limited.

Use cases

The most common way to use this functionality is to set up a parking lot. If all parking spaces are occupied, the system will automatically deny access when requested. In Sigur, you can use multifunctional or text displays for convenience, which will show the space availability and the number of available spaces.

Another use case for this functionality is setting up an interlocking door. It will deny any access to an interlocking door area if currently it is occupied by another employee being inspected.

How it works

The territory of the site is divided into zones restricted by doors or checkpoints. Each sector has its own capacity limitation. If not set, it will not be monitored by the system. Information about the space availability can be shown on "No Vacant Space" display connected to the system.

This functionality can operate independently, if the entire territory of a restricted sector is controlled by a single controller. Otherwise, connection to the system server is required.

Interlocking door mode

Interlocking doors help organize access to areas with large traffic and implement stricter access rules for certain areas. Sigur enables operation of your regular checkpoint or door as an interlocking door or you can use specialized equipment such as an interlocking door system.

Connection of text displays

Text displays can only show text such as 'Spaces available' or 'No vacant space'. They can be connected to any available port of your Sigur controller and are activated as the sector is being filled. For instance, if there are parking spaces available, you will see 'Spaces available'.