Training courses

Training courses

Sigur has prepared a program of training courses aimed at increasing the competences of specialists and customers. We share our experience and knowledge, speak about our products and integrations, and help to find out Sigur solutions in practice.

Training is held by Sigur technicians. A final test is provided at the end of each course to all the learners. If you pass it successfully, you will receive a personalized certificate.

Each of our courses lasts from two to three working days (the exact time will be indicated by a manager of the educational center when you start the training).

You are able to attend Sigur courses personally at our training center. It is located at 13, Kerchenskaya street, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Pre-registration is required.

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The course «How to solve customer’s problems using Sigur products»

This course is suitable for distributors and representatives of trading houses.

We will tell you about:

  • the specifics of the Sigur software’s licensing;
  • key niche integrations implemented by our partners;
  • the choice of third-party devices for integration with Sigur products.

You will learn to:

  • analyze technical specifications correctly;
  • select Sigur hardware and software according to customers’ needs;
  • consult clients on the possibilities of implemented integrations with other systems (CCTV, fire alarm system, etc.) to ensure a multipurpose security system.

The course «Installation and exploitation of Sigur equipment»

This course is suitable for installation engineers and technical specialists.

We will tell you how:

  • to connect equipment to the Sigur controllers;
  • to avoid typical mistakes during installation.

You will learn to:

    • launch the system quickly;
    • make general settings of the system, for example:

      • connect and configure controllers, readers and other peripheral equipment;
      • install / update software and firmwares of controllers;
      • configure various access scenarios;
      • implement integrated solutions;
      • configure automatic database backup;
      • transfer the server to another computer while keeping all the settings, licenses, etc.

    The course «Sigur exploitation»

    This course is suitable for administrations and users of Sigur software.

    You will learn how to operate the key functions of Sigur software:

    • administration of a personnel base of employees;
    • setting up various access modes;
    • formation of convenient user-defined types of surveillance for monitoring events at the workplace;
    • reporting of working hours;
    • organization of an access control office for working with permanent and temporary visitors;
    • making all types of reports;
    • setting up automatic reactions on system events (including Email / Telegram notifications);
    • organization of a payment system based on Sigur.

    Individual course

    We make an individual training plan for your company based on the program of any of our current courses. All conditions, including the location of the training, are agreed with a manager of the Sigur training center.