Events monitoring

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You can monitor all events within the territory of your site, including events registered by third-party systems such as security and fire alarm systems or video surveillance systems. The workstation interface offers flexible configuration options to help the operator choose which information they want to see.

Detailed information about any event

Sigur integration with other security systems will provide you with full details of any event in real time, whether it is a regular employee walking through a checkpoint or the security alarm going off. This will help the system operator in case of an alarm event collect as many data and as fast as possible and quickly respond to the situation.

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Core functionality and capabilities

Sigur supports flexible configuration of the monitoring interface taking into account the features and nature of every site and rights of every operator. Core functionality:

  • Viewing in real time and retrospectively current and previous system events (entries, access denials, security access permission requests, break-ins, fire etc.)
  • Integration of floor plans of the site into the monitoring screen
  • Photo identification (pop-up photos of passing employees) with a caching option for slow connections
  • Video identification (pop-up video images of passing employees) if a video surveillance system is integrated in Sigur or an IP camera is directly connected to Sigur
  • Auto-hiding personal data after a set period of time
  • Access permission
  • Notifications about alarm events, including popup notifications even if the window is minimized
  • Show components related to the cardholders when a preset condition is fulfilled
  • Additional service capabilities:
  • Supports multi-display configurations, automatic detection of the number and resolution of the connected displays
  • Supports a window mode and a full-screen mode
  • Automatic launches at the OS startup, including a full-screen mode
  • Creation of different system responses performed when a certain button in the monitoring interface is pressed
  • Limitation of individual operator’s access to certain monitoring screens

Visual monitoring screen editor

The system offers several pre-set standard monitoring screens and an option to create customizable monitoring screens. To that end, a unique visual builder is used to move around and set up any components of a monitoring screen.

Each monitoring screen may include:

  • All information about any cardholder from the PACS database
  • Cardholder’s photo
  • Event list
  • Checkpoint list to show information about
  • Floor plan of the territory with overlaid interactive icons that shows the status of checkpoints and manual control options
  • Live streaming from video surveillance cameras
  • Text boxes (HTML) with certain text and variables filled in with current system data
  • Tables with locations of all selected employees
  • People count for a selected sector or a group of sectors / zones
  • A flag appearing when a certain person (or someone from the selected group of people) enters the selected sector or group of sectors / zones
  • Alarm zones status matrix
  • Real-time clock
  • Any chosen image

Customizable buttons in the monitoring interface

You can place different buttons in the monitoring interface, which will trigger a certain event and a respective system response when pressed. The responses can use the same parameters as the initial event.

Example system responses performed by the press of the button:

  • Switching between different checkpoint operating modes (you can create several buttons to quickly switch certain modes on)
  • Perform an action to selected alarm zones
  • Permit one-time pass
  • Send SMS / Telegram message / email notification
  • Send a popup notification to any operator
  • Change the expiration date of a guest card / abort a guest card
  • Change the value on the payment account of the respective employee
  • Send an HTTP request to any external system

Access permission by security

This access rule is useful for inspections and background checks of the visitors. The employee will be able to walk through the door only after the security officer’s permission. In Sigur, the operator can grant an access permission, among other options, from the monitoring interface by pressing the respective button. Learn more by visiting our dedicated section.

Alarm zones matrix

You can also place an alarm zones matrix in the monitoring interface, which is basically a digital representation of the analogue control unit. This tool is useful to monitor and control the alarm zones of the site. The user chooses which objects will be visualized and assigns zone names. For convenience, zones can be grouped into tabs.