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Version OS Link to download Windows setup- (175 Mb) Debian Linux server:
spnxserver_1.1.1.44-0_amd64.deb (16 Mb)
spnxclient_1.1.1.44-0_all.deb (43 Mb) Red Hat Linux server:
spnxserver- (16 Mb)
spnxclient- (43 Mb)
spnxclient-libs- (1 Mb)

Mobile terminal

Sigur Mobile Terminal turns a regular smartphone or tablet into a mobile access point which will register access events where it is not practical or not feasible to deploy a full-scale physical access control system.

Version OS Link to download
3.0 Android Google Play

Mobile Apps for Sigur MR100 readers

Mobile applications allow you to configure the reader and use a smartphone instead of proximity card.

App OS Link to download
Sigur Access Android Google Play
iOS AppStore
Sigur Setting Android Google Play

Controller firmware

Model Edition Upgrade
to version
E510 Rev.5.0 18 E510_Rev50_v18.mcu
E2 Rev.1.0 18 E2_Rev10_v18.mcu
E4 Rev.1.0 18 E4_Rev10_v18.mcu
E100 Rev.1.0 37 0037-0043.mcu
E300 Rev.1.2 37 0037-0034.mcu
E300H Rev.1.2 37 0037-0042.mcu
R500 Rev.3.0 6 0006-0001.mcu
Rev.4.1 37 0037-0016.mcu
Rev.4.2 / Rev.4.3 / Rev.4.4 37 0037-0026.mcu
R500U Rev.4.2 / Rev.4.3 / Rev.4.4 37 0037-0026.mcu
R500D4 Rev.3.0 6 0006-0003.mcu
Rev.4.1 37 0037-0022.mcu
Rev.4.2 / Rev.4.3 / Rev.4.4 37 0037-0029.mcu
R900I Rev.3.0 6 0006-0002.mcu
Rev.4.1 37 0037-0019.mcu
Rev.4.2 / Rev.4.3 / Rev.4.4 37 0037-0028.mcu
R900U Rev.4.2 / Rev.4.3 / Rev.4.4 37 0037-0038.mcu
E500 Rev.4.1 37 0037-0015.mcu
Rev.4.2 / Rev.4.3 / Rev.4.4 37 0037-0025.mcu
E500U Rev.4.2 / Rev.4.3 / Rev.4.4 37 0037-0035.mcu
E500D4 Rev.4.1 37 0037-0021.mcu
Rev.4.2 / Rev.4.3 / Rev.4.4 37 0037-0030.mcu
E900I Rev.4.1 37 0037-0018.mcu
Rev.4.2 / Rev.4.3 / Rev.4.4 37 0037-0027.mcu
E900U Rev.4.2 / Rev.4.3 / Rev.4.4 37 0037-0037.mcu
Sigur Orion Rev.3.0 37 0037-0047.mcu
Sigur Rubezh Rev.3.0 37 0037-0060.mcu

If you meet problems during the firmware update process, please contact Sigur technical support.


Name Link to download
Driver for Sigur Connect converters (USB - RS485) CDM v2.12.28 WHQL Certified.zip
Development kit for Sigur Reader EH including documentation and use cases SigurReaderSDK.zip
Plugin for Sigur and Milestone integration Sigur_Milestone_Plugin.zip

BIM models

We have created some of Sigur devices as BIM models that will be useful for architecture, engineering and construction professionals.

The downloadable archives contain .rfa files of the models, .txt files with descriptions of the features and .pdf files with specifications of the series. The archives also contain images and overview of the devices.

Device Link to download
Controller E500U E500U.zip
Controller E900U
Controller R500U
Controller R900U
Reader MR1 MR1.zip
Sigur Connect Sigur Connect.zip
Sigur Orion Sigur Orion.zip