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Sigur will present its products and solutions with company’s partners at Securika 2022

Sigur will show its solutions at the main security industry event - Securika Moscow. Visitors will be able to see Sigur's solutions and customer-trusted integrations at the company's stand.

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Best user experience and integration into the interior of a premium business center

The comfort of the residents of the business center and their guests is one of the main services that a landlord must provide.

ACS, which is responsible for convenient administration of visitors' flows and for the security, is an important part of this service. Sigur is already solving such problems in a new Corner Place business center, opened in 2021 - we will tell you exactly how in this article.

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Sigur year results: achievements and new goals

Sigur has celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the company in 2021. This is not only a reason for receiving congratulations from thousands of partners and clients, summing up the results, but also time for defining new goals and building plans.

Sigur has always developed according to its main principles - to be efficient, dynamic and flexible. The same values will be the basis for the company in the future.

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Rebooting the security industry community in the best traditions of IT

Before the Professional Security Conference, Irina Kuznetsova, head of business events at Sigur, and Roman Milostivy, head of sales at Solo Security, have given an interview in which they explained why it is necessary to create a new IT community and why Minsk is a promising direction.

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What can be better than OSDP?

The standardization of the OSDP protocol obliges manufacturers of access control systems to follow certain rules.

However, this framework of the standard is not so strict, which provides a significant range of opportunities for manufacturers to develop and compete with each other by implementing interesting logics based on an extension of the standard protocol, which Sigur experts did by developing their own SSDP protocol.

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How is the globalization of the IT world leading to the transformation of security systems?

It is generally accepted that the security industry, even in 2021, is quite conservative and that products on this market rarely meet modern standards of development vision and user experience.

However, if you look into the specifics of the systems' implementation and their technical solutions at complex facilities, you may find that things are completely different.

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