Intersec 2024 highlights: new prospects, exchange of experience and support of partners

Intersec 2024 highlights: new prospects, exchange of experience and support of partners

From January 16 to 18, 2024, Dubai hosted the largest Middle East exhibition Intersec bringing together manufacturers and security experts from around the world.
Participating in the event Sigur has continued its systematic work to strengthen partnerships with clients from MENA countries. We have fully achieved our main goals – to acquaint the audience of the Middle East and North Africa with new brand developments, share our experience with colleagues and talk about the opportunities of Sigur ACS.

Intersec is one of the leading exhibitions in the sphere of security, safety and fire protection, attracting not only regional visitors, but also specialists from Europe, Asia and the USA. This year event brought together more than 30,000 visitors and 60 participating countries who demonstrated innovative products and solutions in the field of security systems.

MENA is one of the key and rapidly developing security markets, which is our focus. Intersec is an important venue that allows us to get closer to local industry players: get to know them, discuss their tasks, and get a feedback.

More than a hundred guests from the Middle East and Europe visited our stand during three days. We have planned to work together with many potential partners – integrators, vendors and end customers. We were glad to talk to everyone!

The exposition consisted of several thematic areas: the brand's own products and integrated solutions demonstrating the capabilities of actual identification methods and tools for building an integrated security system.

Sigur's proprietary solutions

Sigur equipment occupied a central place in the exposition: a line of E2/E4 controllers with security functions and advanced support for network protocols and multi-format readers of the MR100 line for secure identification using cards of different formats and smartphones.

Visitors were especially interested in the opportunities available with SSDP protocol (Sigur Secured Device Protocol), which allows centralized management of reader display profiles, updating encryption keys and device firmware, and generally improving the efficiency of system administration.

Preparing for Intersec we paid special attention to the Sigur hardware and software demonstration area. The guests reacted positively to the presented products highly appreciating their functionality and design, but the main advantage of the brand for most was the flexibility of the system.

Along with the additional opportunities provided by sharing the ecosystem of the company's products, we do not have a vendor lock, which means greater freedom in choosing solutions for building an effective security system at the facility.

Additionally, the guests were presented with the advantages of the software's current version, the main innovation of which was the ability to generate QR codes and submit applications for guest access in a separate web interface. The solution is designed to reduce costs and become an effective tool for automating business processes in enterprises where guest visits are put on stream.

To get acquainted with the products more closely, visitors were able to receive specialized demo kits, including the E2 controller, MR100 readers, as well as everything necessary for convenient testing of device functionality and Sigur software.

Integrated solutions

Another area of the stand was dedicated to integrations with the company's technological partners: from technologies provided a variety of identification methods to solutions designed to build an integrated security system.

The audience was able to see and test the work of proven integrations with video surveillance and video analytics systems, intercom, biometric systems, storage systems and wireless locks from such companies as Hikvision, BIOSMART, Keyguard, VisionLabs, Trassir and others.

In addition to solutions that have already gained the trust of customers around the world, at Intersec we presented new products – integration with Suprema biometric readers, ZKTeco facial recognition terminals and BAS-IP intercom systems.

Sharing best practices and ideas with colleagues and market partners is one of the drivers of our product development. At Intersec 2024 we noticed a positive trend in multi-vendor interaction: most developers are open to collaborations and willingly share integration protocols. This approach helps to improve the user experience together and offer high-quality products to the market.

In the near future we plan to focus on standardizing and expanding the capabilities of integration interfaces.

 We thank all the visitors of Sigur booth for your interest in our brand and products, professional questions and feedback!

See you at Intersec 2025!

For more information, please contact:
Irina Kuznetsova, Head of Business Events Sigur