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We are always pleased to provide Sigur equipment for testing or pilot launch of projects. As a rule, this is the easiest and most affordable way to understand how certain features of the system may help in solving the tasks you are facing.

Based on possible conditions of use, we have developed several types of kits: each of them is provided for free*, including delivery to your office. To get a particular kit, please follow the link below to fill out the form. We would be grateful if you additionally specify the details of the project or describe thoroughly the functionality necessary for implementation.

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Any of the kits is provided for free for a month, while this period can be extended by agreement with us. The kit is sent only after signing a guarantee letter on the return of the equipment after the expiration of the testing period. You can discuss other terms of supply with any manager of the commercial department.

6 Reasons to try Sigur Products:

Wide range of opportunities

Since the development started, the system has been designed to easily adapt to different tasks and entities, whether it is a small business or an industrial enterprise.

Always in touch

You can always rely on our help and advice, also regarding the further support of the project.

Detailed video manuals

In addition to comprehensive documentation, we have prepared lots of training videos which help you easily set up the system the way you need.

Yes, it's free

We also undertake the delivery of the kit to the door of your office: due to an extensive partner network, it takes from a day to several days.

Kits tailored for you

You have your own set of products for different tasks: be confident you will have everything you need to start testing from the moment you receive the kit.

Product you enjoy dealing with

The extensive capabilities of the system are not its only advantage: convenience and ease of use are what will give you the best experience working with Sigur.

Sigur MR100 Demobox

A stand-alone kit to demonstrate most of the functions of Sigur MR100 readers.

Ideal for personal meetings or small events: magnets built into the base will allow you to place it, including on the metal surfaces of exhibition stands.

The kit includes a set of cards, a rack for installing the kit on a horizontal surface, as well as a power supply for recharging of the internal battery, the presence of which will save you from unnecessary switching at the presentation.

Sigur E2 + MR100 Mini Stand

The best kit for testing almost all the features of the system.

It includes 2 MR100 series readers, a Sigur controller of the new E2 line, as well as a base with a convenient stand. All equipment is delivered as if you received it from the company's warehouse: this will give you a full experience of interacting with Sigur products – from the moment of unpacking and installing of devices to the detailed customization of the system capabilities.

The base is additionally equipped with a number of buttons that emulate the operation of the door opening sensor and security sensors, which makes the demonstration of work scenarios as close as possible to real conditions.

When assembled the kit can also be used at small events and meetings involving a more extensive demonstration of the system's capabilities.

Sigur E510 + MR100 Kit

The "classic" version consists of the E510 controller of the Sigur base line and the reader of MR100 model. This kit helps you to test most of the functions of the system, to use it as a pilot access point, and similar scenarios.

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Attending industry events with Sigur's participation is not only an option to get better acquainted with the company's products, but also to communicate directly with engineers, specialists who are directly involved in the development of Sigur solutions, have extensive experience in conducting and implementing lots of projects.

You can always get information about all events with Sigur's participation on the "Events" page of our website.

Training Courses

In addition to events, you can also apply for a particular educational course, which we regularly conduct at the company's Knowledge Center. Each of the courses is dedicated to one of the areas of interaction with the system – from the stages of equipment selection to the nuances of administration and work in the Sigur software.

The cost of a course is formed individually and depends on the duration of the selected program, the number of people in the group and the selected dates for the training.