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Advanced tech services

We know that an access control system today is a basis for seamless operation of almost any business. And we also know that if a company faces a non-typical problem, it is crucial how fast it can be addressed.

Guarantees and reliability

We know that a physical access control system today is a basis for seamless operation of almost any business. And we also know that if a company faces a non-typical problem, it is crucial how fast it can be addressed.

We are committed to investing in the quality of our services and are happy to offer advanced tech support for those who value service and quality. We value your time and guarantee that your inquiries are processed ASAP. Predictability and no-risk approach are key benefits of working with us.


CSI - Customer Satisfaction Index
LCR - Lost Call Rate

CSI* >98%
we guarantee a detailed professional answer to any of your queries
LCR* <1%
we respond to all inquiries
> 50 000
requests processed annually by our specialists with vast experience and expertise

Expertise and best practices

A well-selected expert team made of experienced specialists is a cornerstone of any successful project. We are part of your team. We have skills, expertise and experience to help you with setting up, maintaining and administering your physical access control system and offer best-in-class solutions for your needs.

We do everything we can at each step of our cooperation to deliver the best results.

Key advantages of choosing us:

Direct line
We offer a dedicated line for your company, fast response times and the highest priority for your calls
System setup services
To save your time, Sigur specialists can provide services of partial or turnkey system setup and, where necessary, show you how to use various product features
For your convenience, we can extend our tech support working hours, including 24/7 support (depending on the subscription plan selected)
Dedicated team
We believe every business is unique. We offer a dedicated technical point of contact who will know your system in great detail for shorter troubleshooting times
User training
We have developed training courses for various types of users. With our training courses, your employees will be able to easily implement and efficiently operate Sigur system
Test drives and upgrades
We are committed to regularly updating and upgrading our products, expanding our product ranges and adding new software features. To try out our new features and to get a better idea about our products, you can have a test drive and decide whether to purchase it later

Flexible subscription plans

Depending on the size of your business and the level of involvement you need from us, you can select one of our extended tech support plans.

The Enterprise plan provides users with some extra services, such as a current infrastructure audit at your site, developing a prototype for you and even tailoring our products to your specific needs.
You choose the options you need in your plan (the price is agreed on a case-by-case basis).

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Tech support on weekdays
09 – 18:00 (Moscow Standard Time)
09 – 18:00 (Moscow Standard Time)
08 – 19:00 (Moscow Standard Time)
As agreed
Tech support on weekends and public holidays

As agreed
Toll-free phone number
Dedicated line

Guaranteed response time for calls Best effort
300 sec.
60 sec.
As agreed
Guaranteed response time for queries (3) Best effort
2 hours
1 hours
As agreed
Guaranteed troubleshooting time (1) Best effort
10 hours
8 hours
As agreed
Dedicated technical point of contact (2) As agreed
As agreed
User training (4) 1 webinar
As agreed
Free demo kit (5) Yes
Warranty 5 years
5 years
6 years
6 years
  Free Upon request Upon request Upon request


  1. The guaranteed time is provided for critical incidents, such as Sigur not being able to properly integrate with third-party systems. For a complete list of issues and troubleshooting times see our terms of service for your subscription plan.

  2. You will have an option to have a dedicated technical point of contact for faster response and troubleshooting times. However, if your dedicated point of contact is not available at the moment, another qualified specialist available will provide support.

  3. The response time for the first customer inquiry via email.

  4. Training courses are organized as webinars with follow-up individual consultations. The contents of the webinars can be adapted to your needs. The number of participants are agreed on a case-by-case basis.

  5. The demo kit includes Sigur E510 controller and MR100 card reader. The products in the demo kit can be replaced upon request. Terms apply. For the Enterprise plan, a demonstration stand can be provided (optional).