About Sigur

From the very early stages of developing our products, we believe that access control system is more than just your security. We believe that ACS should become an important element of a company's infrastructure and help your business to develop in a more technology-savvy and efficient way.

Developed for everyone, customized for you

An organization’s infrastructure is a complex system consisting of a large number of elements and built to last. That is why we are trying to make our products as flexible as possible. This approach allows Sigur to be easily integrated with any existing infrastructure and adapt to any existing needs and if and when new challenges arise, quickly integrate any missing functionality.

With an extensive experience in deployment at organizations of all sizes with different needs and requirements, from small businesses to large-scale organizations, we can offer hundreds of ready-made solutions. After a thorough research we find the best-fitting tailor-made solution for your specific non-standard needs.

18 years
development experience
users worldwide
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Presence in over 150 cities

Company now

Sigur started in 2006 in Nizhny Novgorod as a small company and in a short time it has become a leading developer and manufacturer of physical access control systems in Russia.

Nevertheless, we have decided to preserve the advantages that made us stand out from the very beginning, such as willingness to solve challenges without unnecessary fuss and avoiding one-size-fits-all solutions. We offer ease and comfortable work like with a small company but are able to implement projects of any scale and complexity.

Company History

Company formation.
Pilot deployments.
> 1 000 implementations
First deployment abroad
> 9 000 implementations
Company's rebranding,
launch of a new product line
> 14 000 implementations
Expansion of the product line. Entering international markets
Launch on mass market,
producing the first IP controller
> 8 000 implementations
Organization of the first technological conference "IACC. Technology and innovations"
> 10 000 implementations
Annual sponsor of the key industry event - the Securika Moscow exhibition

Our expertise

We carefully collect and systematize data about our solutions through our experience and by gathering feedback from our customers. It is important for us to share our knowledge and expertise as we believe that it helps security specialists to better assess the effectiveness of modern technologies and make an informed choice.

We organize conferences dedicated to physical access control systems. Our conferences are different from other industry events because we focus not on advantages of specific solutions but rather on using various technologies in practice.

We believe that with this approach we are able to discuss important aspects of technological advances objectively and satisfy the needs of the professional community and not the manufacturers.

Dozens of publications in industry journals


We are constantly working on increasing the convenience, functionality and quality of our products and we try to be the best partner for each of our customers. We collaborate with leading technology companies in the industry, which enables us to solve every challenge comprehensively and offer solutions that combine the best products available on the market.

We do everything we can at each step of our cooperation to ensure the best results. Predictable outcomes and focus on long-term relations with our customers are two of our key principles.

customers are completely satisfied with the quality of our technical support
new customers stay with us forever
up to 10 companies
become our partner daily
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