Badge editor

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Integrated Sigur badge editor will help you design badges for your employees and visitors of the company.

Why use the badge design functionality?

With personalized badge designs, you can apply to your cards such information as the cardholder’s name, branding and other visual elements. This helps reduce the risk of forgery and improve security as well as improves the image of the company in general.

Design templates

You can create, copy and edit your own templates in the editor. You can create different design templates for different groups of cardholders made to individual measures.
Badge design allows you to:

  • Place any number of existing fields, e.g. custom fields and the values for these fields will be automatically filled in when printed from the employee’s file
  • Place round or square photos of the employees (as in the employee’s file)
  • Place any images (static from a file and images attached to the cardholder’s file)
  • Place any text fields
  • Choose the font, style, size and color
  • Rotate fields
  • Set the background
  • Set conditions for printing certain elements (including printing of a certain sign if access to a certain zone is granted)

Badge printing

The created design can be printed or saved to a file. You can use system printer layout or specify your own parameters manually:
  • Parameters of the page (ratio) to be printed (saved)
  • Margins
  • Show badge edges (printing)

Before printing, you can see how the badge will look like by choosing one or several layouts from the list.

Printing stickers and lamination

This is the cheapest method because a regular office printer will suffice. However, it takes time to make stickers. For this option, you will need to print out the template on a regular sheet of paper and laminate it using special lamination film and then stick it to a contactless card.

Direct printing

This printing method allows you to apply the image directly to a card using a sublimation or retransfer printer. Direct printing provides a high-quality image and is resistant to environmental exposure, which significantly improves the lifetime of cards.