Sigur E2, E4

Сontrollers for modern access control systems
Control any doors and equipment
You can connect turnstiles, doors, barrier arms, etc.:
Up to 4 checkpoints per 1 controller in total
Advanced networking interfaces
Enhanced OSDP support for connecting readers, data encryption and indication management
Highest security standards
DTLS-encrypted communication channels connecting the server and the controller, security key updates for readers
Integration with IT infrastructure
Ready-to-use integration tools and SNMP support to monitor the system’s status and health
Enhanced security
Address all your safety and security issues with supported connection to any non-coded (conventional) security detectors
User-friendly setup and maintenance
Standard DIN rail installation, clear visual indication of the equipment connection status, battery life, etc.

One controller —
multiple possibilities

New Sigur controller series can control any access-restricting equipment, including regular doors, turnstiles, barrier arms or gates.

Depending on the controller model, you can connect up to two or four checkpoints, regardless of their type. By way of example, one controller can control a turnstile and a gate, two turnstiles or four doors at the same time.

Accessories and auxiliary equipment

Sigur controllers support vehicle sensors, traffic lights, digital displays or breathalyzers, etc. These integrations do not require additional licensing, interface cards or other devices.

Advanced networking interfaces

Strict compliance with the OSDP and Wiegand standards guarantees smooth operation of any readers connected to Sigur controllers. You can use secure authentication with Mifare cards or biometric input, from common fingerprint scans to iris or palm vein pattern recognition.

Alarm activated

Sigur controllers support all sorts of sensors and detectors and auxiliary equipment, including alarms, which you can use to build a comprehensive safety and security system. The system can autonomously respond to all alarm events received by the server, including send notifications to responsible employees or lock certain doors.

Right stuff for harsh environments

With its extended temperature range, up to -40°C, Sigur controllers can be used in unheated premises or at remote sites, such as warehouses or cell towers, even during coldest winters.

Compliance with IT standards

Intended to be a part of a complex system, Sigur controllers are perfectly designed to be seamlessly integrated into a company’s existing infrastructure.
As any other network device, they are intuitive and predictable for IT specialists.


With DHCP support, adding new controllers to the system is as easy as connecting an office printer. The Sigur server will automatically detect a new device in the network and assign a proper IP address.

Encryption of transmitted data

While you use Sigur, you can be sure your data is reliably protected at all levels: from the transfer of information from the identifier to the reader - from the reader to the controller - from the controller to the system's database. All transmitted data between the controllers and the server is securely encrypted according to the SSL / TLS protocol.

Centralized monitoring

Sigur controllers monitor the system’s health via the standard SNMP protocol. Now you can choose to monitor all key information, from supply voltages to the status of all inputs and outputs of the device, on the Zabbix screen or other similar system.


Using Sigur readers and controllers in combination will unlock the full potential of the system. This “teamwork” will provide additional capabilities and make the system more user-friendly, cost-effective and easy to manage.

More readers

Thanks to the support of the OSDP protocol, you can connect up to 4 readers to the E2 series controllers, organizing access control at two points of the passage when moving in both directions - "at the entrance" and "at the exit".

Better user experience

Combining controllers with Sigur readers, which have full RGB indication and a full-range speaker, will allow you to customize reactions to a variety of system events - including those not directly related to access. For example, when entering the office, the reader may remind you that the room needs to be disarmed.

Security key management

We have made working with Mifare secure modes as simple and user-friendly as can be. Additionally, you can choose to automatically update security keys at Sigur readers based on the policies applied in your company.

Centralized reader updates

You can simultaneously update indication settings on all of your readers or even update the firmware and add new functionality.
To do this, you do not have to remove your devices or manually update every single one of them. These operations can be performed centrally through controllers they are connected to.

Professional installation and configuration made easy

We made sure to make installation and initial configuration of our controllers as user-friendly and easy as possible. Our devices are easily locked onto a standard DIN rail together with other equipment, including installation into special cabinets.

Removable terminal blocks

You can connect your readers, sensors and other peripherals to a removable terminal block in advance and then push it into the respective slot on the controller.

Clear visual indication

You can easily get the idea of the status of connection or operation of your connected equipment as well as check the battery status by looking at the controller’s comprehensive indicators without the need to connect any additional equipment or directly connect to the devices.

Technical specifications

Sigur E2

Sigur E4

Number and type of checkpoints

up to 2 checkpoints Doors, turnstiles, gates or barrier arms

up to 2 checkpoints Doors, turnstiles, gates or barrier arms

Server networking interface


Reader interface

OSDP Wiegand with various packet lengths (26, 34, 36, 37, 42, 58)

Number of readers

Up to 4 via OSDP
Up to 2 via Wiegand

Up 4 via OSDP
Up 4 via Wiegand

Connection to fire alarm
fire alarm

Two-wire galvanically isolated line to connect several controllers to a single fire alarm cable. When the alarm sets off, the cable connected to the controllers will be tripped.

Connection of the security
alarm cable

1 two-wire line

2 two-wire lines

Connection of sensors and detectors

Up to 5 sensors and detectors Open collector, dry contact

Up to 10 sensors and detectors Open collector, dry contact

Supply voltage

10...15 В

Consumed current

max. 250 mА

max. 300 mА


max. 3,75 W

max. 4,5 W

Controller protection circuits

Overvoltage and reverse polarity protection
Complete galvanic isolation of Ethernet connections
Protection of all input and output interfaces against overloads and overvoltages

Protection class


Temperature range

-40°C to +50°C

Case material

ABS plastic


ТН35 DIN rail


108×90×60 mm

215×90×60 mm

Opportunities for partners

We are always open for communication, your suggestions and queries. Moreover, we are able to provide you a free Sigur reader for trial.
You will be able to check out our device’s design, easy configuration, speed and the benefits of access control with smartphones, try different operating modes of the reader during one month and then decide whether you want to buy it.


In addition to controllers, the demo kit can also include up to 2 readers and Sigur software. This will allow you not only to understand the connection and configuration of the system, but also to appreciate all the benefits that open up when all the components are used together.