Sigur MR100

identification by cards and smartphones
Winner of the international competition Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2020
Access with smart cards or smartphones
Use cards or smartphones for authentication, whichever you prefer
Secure authentication
Secure Crypto-1 and AES encryption of data exchanged between the reader and the card
User-friendly installation and management
Easy-to-use bayonet connection and fast configuration via Bluetooth in a mobile app
Flexibility of use
Extended temperature range and ingress protection IP65 from dust and spraying water
Intuitive user interface
Multicolor RGB indication, full-range loudspeaker and ringtone customization
Integration with third-party solutions
Customizable automated responses to system events and SDK for third-party apps

Authentification as you want it

Both regular proximity cards and mobile devices can serve as ID. Any iOS or Android smartphone will work*. It is safe. Mifare technology ensures secure encryption of data exchanged between the ID and the reader. And we also ensured that, regardless of the chosen ID type and operating mode, the reading speed will remain extremely fast.

* requires Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support for iOS and Android smartphones or built-in NFC-module for Android devices

Bank cards
as a credential

With Sigur readers, you can use MasterCard PayPass or Visa PayWave bank cards as your ID. This is an ideal option for payroll and campus programs.

Hands-free access

If you use your smartphone as ID, you don’t need to take it out of your pocket or bag* as our hands-free access feature will open the doors for you automatically.
* Even when your screen is locked; however, Sigur app should be running


Sigur readers allow for flexible configuration of the reading distance up to 10 m. This feature will help organize access control for vehicles or at a central checkpoint.

Right stuff
for harsh environments

With the extended temperature range up to -40°C, you can use our readers both indoors in heated and cold spaces or even outdoors. Ingress protection IP65 guarantees stable work of the device even in the harshest environment.


If anything goes wrong, such as if a trespasser is trying to remove the reader from the wall, the device has an inbuilt case open detector and a temperature sensor and will send the alarm signal to the system.

We speak
your language

Configure your own system responses to events, just as you like. With our multicolor indication and full-range loudspeaker, you can set customizable responses to multiple events by uploading custom ringtones or choosing a color and LED blinking scheme.
You are

Installation - this is easy

We designed our reader with the ease of mounting and maintenance in mind. The device can be installed both into a standard outlet box and directly onto the wall.

The soft pad and the specially-shaped base of the reader ensure that the device can be fitted neatly even on a bumpy wall.

Housing open sensor
Temperature sensor
Soft pad
for wall mount

Bayonet connection

The unique bayonet connector will make the final part of reader installation extremely easy. It works similar to a camera lens: just turn the device around the base. Done!

Update in one tap

With any Android smartphone, you can reconfigure your reader or update the firmware without the need to disconnect it or use a programming tool. You can connect to and reconfigure multiple devices at the same time. It is fast and easy.

Technical specifications & prices

MR100 Lite


MR100 Multi

ID support

Mifare Mifare (Ultralight, Classic, Mini, ID, DESFire, Plus), including secured modes SL1 and SL3 of the Mifare Plus, secured mode of the Mifare Classic, secured mode of the Mifare Desfire.

MasterCard or Visa contactless bank cards in UID reading mode with static UID or in secured mode with Mifare Classic or Plus emulation corresponding to NXP "AN10833 MIFARE Type Identification".

All ISO14443-A-compliant IDs

Smartphones running iOS and Android (using BLE technology), Android devices with NFC-module (using HCE technology)

PAN number of a bank card using EMV technology (MasterCard, Visa including those added to e-wallets: Google Pay, Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay).

EM Marine

Reader interface

Wiegand (26, 34, 58), RS-485 (OSDP)

Reading distance

Up to 9 cm
(depending on the card type and operating mode)

Smartphone reading range

Up to 10 m


Multi-color LED

PCM 16 bit 44 kHz mono (.wav)

3 control inputs (when connecting readers via Wiegand)

OSDP Indication control (when connecting readers via OSDP)

Protection class

IP 65

Temperature range

-40 … +60°C

Diagnostic tools

Inbuilt self-diagnostic tools
Housing open detector,
and supply voltage sensors

Output interfaces

Wiegand with customizable packet length 26, 34, 58 etc.


90х90х12 mm

Supply voltage

Up 9 tо 28V

Consumed current

130 mА

Opportunities for partners

We are always open for communication, your suggestions and queries. Moreover, we are able to provide you a free Sigur reader for trial.

You will be able to check out our device’s design, easy configuration, speed and the benefits of access control with smartphones, try different operating modes of the reader during one month and then decide whether you want to buy it.

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SDK for your solutions

For deep integration with your solution, we can provide a special SDK for developers. With SDK kit, you will be able to use Sigur readers’ full functionality, seamlessly integrate them in the infrastructure of residential buildings, business centers and other premises.


With our portable reader demo kit, you will be able to check out the design and functionality of the reader. It can be easily installed on a stand or mounted onto a steel prop. It is an ideal solution for a presentation, seminar or small exhibit.