Training courses as a format of dialogue with partners: interview with the head of Sigur Knowledge Center

Training courses as a format of dialogue with partners: interview with the head of Sigur Knowledge Center

We value partnerships, so it is important for us to maintain a high level of competencies of all users interacting with the company's products.
This year, more than a hundred listeners – representatives of end customers, installers and integrators – completed full-time courses at Sigur Knowledge Center.

Elizaveta Grigorieva, Head of Sigur Knowledge Center, spoke about the approach to the educational process, the formation of programs and further plans for the development of courses.

Tell us about the purpose of creating Sigur Knowledge Center?

Elizaveta Grigorieva:
It is important for us to share our experience and transfer practical skills to our partners. The Knowledge Centre is one of the tools to achieve this. The training helps colleagues to organize processes within the company more efficiently, spending less time on complex tasks and avoiding typical mistakes.

As a vendor, we see our role in raising the competence and awareness of partners not only about Sigur products.

With the appropriate level of knowledge representatives of installers and integrators can offer competent solutions to end customers, who, in turn, can use not only the full potential of the system, but sometimes look at the task wider, than is required solely for its implementation.

How do you test the listeners' knowledge at the end of the training?

Elizaveta Grigorieva:
Knowledge testing is an integral part of partner learning. We want users to understand the product in detail, so after the completion of the course, each participant passes the final test. In case of successful completion, we issue a certificate confirming the level of competence required to work with our products. This approach allows us to make sure that the partner, often speaking on behalf of Sigur, has thoroughly mastered the material well.

Now there are many online courses, however Sigur courses offer only full-time format. What are the benefits of «live» training?

Elizaveta Grigorieva:
Full-time courses allow listeners to study the features of the product in more detail because they can interact directly with equipment and practice.

Moreover, such format provides an opportunity to become more closely acquainted with our company and values. The program allows you to actively interact with speakers: listeners can discuss unresolved issues and analyze real cases

Another advantage of «live» training – regular excursions to Sigur production, which is located in the same building with classrooms.

Tell us more about the excursions. Who organizes them, what production areas can partners visit?

Elizaveta Grigorieva:
Excursions are organized by the head of the production department, the head of warehouse logistics and the leading engineer-technologist. The course participants see all stages of product development: from quality control of input materials, assembly and testing of equipment to repair and procedure of defect detection.

Partners can ask their colleagues any questions and share real cases from practice. For us, this is an excellent opportunity to receive feedback from clients and take into account some points for the future.

How are course programs developed in the Knowledge Center?

Elizaveta Grigorieva:

When developing course programs, we focus primarily on the types of listeners, as well as their needs for certain knowledge.

We are currently conducting two full-time courses: «Sigur installation, setup and maintenance process» and «Administration and operation of Sigur equipment and software». The first is aimed at training specialists who are involved in the initial setup of the system and connecting equipment. The second is suitable for end customers whose goal is to study specific functions that they can use as part of operating the system. Both courses will be useful also for integrators, who need to fully understand the capabilities and operating features of our system.

Who are the speakers of the Knowledge Center?

Elizaveta Grigorieva:
The speakers of the course are engineers from the Knowledge Centre and Technical Support. They face daily problems of customers, can explain complex things in simple words, thus continuously developing their technical competencies.

How often do you conduct training? What is the difference between Sigur’s educational programs and similar ones existing on the market?

Elizaveta Grigorieva:
Courses run almost weekly, so we always recommend booking available slots in advance.

The advantage of our programs is that they are developed by the vendor himself. The manufacturer and developer sees a more complete picture, understands the weaknesses and strengths of the market, and accordingly knows what is important to focus on in the learning process.

How do you receive feedback after completing courses? Does it help develop the learning process?

Elizaveta Grigorieva:

For us, the Knowledge Center is one of the formats for dialogue with partners. We help them, and they share valuable information that we use to improve a huge number of processes.

After each training, we conduct a survey and regularly process the data obtained. Feedback directly influenced a number of important decisions made this year: we abandoned open space in favor of separate classes, changed the procedure for testing knowledge, adding a final test for students. The next step is to change the format of the training programs.

Tell us more about your future plans for the development of the educational process.

Elizaveta Grigorieva:
As I already said, we are working on the content of educational programs: this is a priority task for the coming year. Taking into account feedback from listeners, we plan to make the programs focused on specific specialists.

Some courses will be conducted in webinar format, while those that require interaction with equipment will remain face-to-face. In addition, some of the new training programs will be directly related to partner certification: successful completion of certain courses will be one of the criteria for obtaining partner status, which we can confidently recommend to clients.

What would you like to wish your listeners in 2024?

Elizaveta Grigorieva:
First of all, we thank our partners for their trust and collaboration – we will try to continue to meet your expectations, based on your feedback.

We wish you success in life and business in 2024!

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