Basic Module

Standard software module. It is the framework for adding in other functionality and features of the system. Different licensing options are available depending on the number of identifiers.


The Basic module is an integral part of Sigur standard software and a framework for building additional functionality of the system by adding other modules. The module underlies the core functionality of the physical access control system and performs all major setup functionality in the system in general as well as monitors the status of its components.



  • Set up checkpoint parameters, manage operation of access equipment (doors, turnstiles, gates, etc.)
  • Monitor system health
  • Set up access rules, including any complex access schemes (such as permission of a responsible person required, authentication by multiple criteria, accompanied access, zonal control, interlocking doors mode, etc.)
  • Delegate decisions to third-party systems
  • Monitor system events in real time
  • Use floor plans for each floor
  • Manage your employee database
  • Manage system operator rights and organize workstations
  • View the event archive and generate various reports


  • Video surveillance systems
  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Biometric identification systems
  • Intercoms
  • Alcometers
  • Active Directory (for account blocking)
  • Integration with web projects, paid access systems and fitness solutions