Time & Attendance

Standard software module. Automatically track your employees’ time & attendance and easily produce payroll reports.


In this software module, you will be able to assign any work schedules and time zones for your employees, including complex ones, and at any time produce a time & attendance report on each employee for any period of time that will reflect late arrivals, business trips and paid leaves, days off and sick.


Creating work  schedules

You can create cycle schedules with periodicity of 1 to 31 days. You can set work intervals and breaks for each day. This allows you to create such complex work schedules as 1-3, etc. The number of work schedules created is unlimited.

Assiging work  schedules

You can assign work schedules to any employee groups (individually, by departments, groups of departments, etc.). You can add exceptions, such as public holidays, afterhours, etc.


You can generate reports for any historic period based on the assigned work schedules and recorded employees’ access events, including:
  • Reporting based on work schedules or actual recorded events
  • Work schedule violations log (absence report). Detailed report of employees’ work schedule violations
  • Full-day absence report. A list of full-day absence events
  • Unified time & attendance report

Unified time & attendance report

This feature generates and automatically sends by e-mail fully customizable time & attendance and work schedule violations reports such as early and late arrivals and departures (to / from work and to / from lunch), adding justification documents, multiple methods of accounting for presence at work, possibility to ignore minor violations.