Response to Events

Standard software module. Set up automated reactions and responses of your physical access control system in case of certain events.


This software module ensures automated reactions and responses to different system events, which makes the PACS extremely efficient and user-friendly, including you can set up daily delivery of a late arrivals report to the manager’s email.

Another example is auto activation of security alarm when the last employees have left the area or notifying the chief security officer if a break-in has been detected or a checkpoint is not functioning properly.


The following system reactions can be set for each of the events:

  • Sending an HTTP request
  • Sending a notification (SMS, Telegram, Viber, email)
  • Sending a unified time & attendance report to an email with certain periodicity
  • Aborting a guest card
  • Setting up checkpoint locking modes, etc.

The number of event / response pairs is unlimited. Sigur processes events both in real time or events recorded in the autonomous operating mode.