Visitor Management

Standard software module. Make your pass and registration office’s life easier and automate their processes.


This software helps automate the processes of issuing (registering) and collecting guest cards and their repeated registration. When a new visitor is registered in the system for the first time, a new file is created for this card and is linked to the document shown, such as a passport or another ID. It will help register this visitor more quickly later as all the information will be automatically filled in from the card issuance history. You can add a photo, including from a web camera, to a guest file in the system.


  • Organize a specialized workstation for your pass and registration department
  • Store the card issuance and collection history and detailed information about each registered visitor (including full name, information about the shown document, photo, purposes of the visit, etc.)
  • View the cards list and sort them by a number of criteria
  • Filter the cards by their status (card collected or card issued)
  • Create lists of guest cards