Badge editor

Standard software module. This software helps you create your own card designs for employees and visitors of your company.


In this software, you can easily create your own card or badge designs, including place information about the holder, branding elements and other necessary information, and print it. Card personalization helps reduce the risk of forgery and improve security as well as improves the image of the company in general.


The badge editor allows you to include the following in your design:

  • Text fields containing some standard text or variables (you can adjust fonts, style, size and color of the text)
  • Barcodes
  • Employee’s photo
  • Background (you can use any picture as a background or a solid background)
  • Any graphics, including transparent and semi-transparent areas

The design can be saved as a template, and every template can be assigned to a certain group of employees, including to a certain department.

These templates can store two designs, one for the front of the card and one for the back. The number of templates in the system is unlimited.

When printing, the variables (such as employee names) will automatically be filled in from the employees’ files.

Sigur supports both household printers and specialized sublimation printers designed for printing on contactless cards.