Data Sync

Standard software module. This software can automatically pull employee information from an external source and send access data to an external database.


Synchronization of a PACS employee database with a third-party system is essential for large and medium-size companies. Large companies can already have their own internal system, which stores all information about their employees. This software module will help avoid the double work of managing several employee databases at the same time: all employee information will automatically be pulled from an external source and, when changed, updated in Sigur.


Synchronization Of Employee Databases

Compatible external sources include:
  • Any database accessed via standard ODBC interface (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • 1С:Enterprise or any other corporate ERP system
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP server
  • Partner web service, etc.

You can synchronize your databases with multiple external sources at the same time and set different depth levels of data synchronization.

You can synchronize almost any kinds of employee data, including employees’ names and photos, access rules and custom fields needed for physical access control.

Export of events to an external system

The system can export access granted or access denied events.

Access granted events are synced immediately in real time. If the external database is not available at the moment, the PACS will be regularly trying to restore the connection. After the connection has been restored, all events that took place during the communication breakdown will be automatically sent to the external database.

Export of employee data

Along with entries and exits of the employees previously downloaded from the external database, Sigur can also send to the external database the data on employees created directly in the PACS interface. In this case, such employees will be identified in the external database by either their employee IDs or other attributes set in the PACS.