Everything is new: welcome to

Everything is new: welcome to

Sigur has launched its new official website with revamped interface and a new domain name. These changes are the first steps towards creation and development of a number of our own online services.

Its clear and unambiguous domain name,, is intended to become a single point of contact for all Sigur partners both in Russia and internationally. Let us guide you through the new features that have already become available to our users.


The brand new design of the website highlights Sigur’s brand identity. It embodies the concept that first appeared and is implemented in Sigur MR1 readers: practical, neat, laconic but recognizable.

Now the website is displayed correctly and can be used conveniently on any screen, from laptop to PC with high-resolution screen to tablet and smartphone. You can view the website on any device.

Our website has a traffic of over 100 thousand users per year. Some of them want to learn more about our products and our company, others are interested in technicalities or are looking for an answer to their questions. So, the main goal of the new website is to speed up the communication process and make it more user-friendly, regardless of who the user is and what their objectives are.

Structure and search

On the one hand, we decided to keep the existing website structure familiar to our long-term users. On the other hand, we wanted to implement some of new aspects related to the brand identity and products of the company.

The classic horizontal orientation and the neat structure of the main menu organize the whole body of information conveniently, help easily navigate the website and quickly find any sections and services of interest.

Detailed description of various capabilities and features of the system, which many users liked and valued, has also been transferred to the new website. For extra convenience we added filters that help our customers find the relevant information with ease.

We also added navigation between sections in articles and visually highlighted relevant links to related materials and tutorials.

The older version of the website didn’t have a search function, which comes in very handy sometimes. For the new website, we went a few steps further in that sense and now our search functionality shows search results not only based on the internal materials but also from the external Q&A database.

This Q&A database has been collected by Sigur engineers based on the frequently asked questions that our technical support has been receiving from our users. Now, many questions can be resolved by simply typing in your request on the website.

New content

The content of the website has also been updated. We added some information that would be useful not only for engineers but for distributors and our end customers as well.

As an example, we added a section where we talk about the features of Sigur systems in the context of different sectors, including production, healthcare, hospitality industry, education, banking sector, etc. We will continue developing these sections and will add other examples of off-the-shelf solutions and deployment of our systems at different sites.

In the “Distributors” section, we added handy filters and a map to help you find where you can buy our equipment in the closest convenient location. Some of our partners also provide system engineering and installation services, which will also be convenient for our end customers.

Why it is important

The new website is yet another step in the company’s evolution. It has become our new technological platform and the first of our many services to be launched in the near future.