Set up reaction to events

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Sigur allows the users to choose system responses, which will be automatically applied when a certain event arises.

Usage scenarios

This functionality ensures fast response to different system events, which makes the PACS more efficient and easy to use. For example, you can set up daily delivery of a late arrivals report to the manager’s email, which will help the manager to timely monitor the situation in the company. Another example is auto activation of security alarm when the last employees have left the zone.

How it works

When a certain event is registered, the system will respond to this event in a specified manner. The number of event / response pairs is unlimited.
Optionally, you can choose to process events recorded by the controller in the autonomous mode. If disabled, the system will process only events recorded in real time.
Sigur allows the users to set system responses to any types of events, including:

  • Access events, break-ins, door propping
  • Changed connection status of the checkpoints
  • Changes of the balance on the account
  • Pressing a button in the monitoring interface
  • Events received from the integrated system, etc.

In total, the system will allow you to create responses to more than 180 different types of events. You can also create schedules for certain operations and functions.
Below are some of the responses that you can set in the system:

  • HTTP request
  • Send an SMS
  • Send push notifications (stable Internet connection and any XMPP client are required)
  • Send Telegram notifications
  • Send email notifications, including a unified time and attendance report
  • Popup notifications (even if the window is minimized)
  • Abort a guest card
  • Activate an access point mode
  • Permit one-time pass
  • Change the value on the account
  • Execute a command of the operating system
For a unified report, you can choose types of data to be included in the report, such as violations of work schedule (early departures from work, late arrivals from lunch, etc.) and the reporting period (last / current month or week, last 7 or 30 days, any other reporting period).

The time and attendance report functionality is available only if you have an additional module Sigur Time&Attendance installed.

Interactions with integrated systems

For Sigur to interact with components of other systems, the integration and configuration is required. If integrated with Ewclid and Panasonic VideoInsight video surveillance systems, the following functionality is available:

  • Notifications from Ewclid Scheduler
  • Execute a VideoInsight task
  • Set a VideoInsight PTZ preset
Integration with security and fire alarm systems Bolid (Orion integrated security systems) and Rubezh, the user will be able to control the entire zones, including auto security alarm activation.

Configuration capabilities

For fine-tuning of system responses, you can use filters and system variables. Different event types have different filters available such as:

  • Doors / checkpoints
  • Directions of access
  • Employees
  • Alarm zones

Available system variables will vary depending on the type of a selected event.

Example system responses to events

Notify the responsible employee by SMS / Telegram notifications if a checkpoint has been disconnected, system voltage has dropped, a lock is malfunctioning, etc.

Notify parents by SMS that their children have arrived at school and how the money is spent in a canteen and when the account balance is low.

Unlock a door for visitors at 9:00am on weekdays. At 6:00pm, switch the door to access only with card mode.

Automatically block the card for exit after a certain time has passed after the entry.

Send access events to third-party software using HTTP requests.

Send time and attendance reports for the last week to a department head every Monday.