Integration with CCTV

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Sigur is integrated with a variety of video surveillance and analytics systems and IP cameras directly connected to the system. The integration provides a range of new functionality, makes site monitoring and control more efficient and visual.

Function overview

Currently, Sigur supports integration with the majority of poplar video surveillance systems (CCTV), some video analytics systems for facial or vehicle number plate recognition by the ACS and the majority of IP cameras, including ONVIF-compatible devices. With IP cameras connected to your system, Sigur will be able to save individual frames or series of frames to the ACS database

Integrated systems and functionality

The functionality will vary depending on the manufacturer of the integrated system. The functionality will also vary depending on your operating system (Windows / Linux) of the computer where the ACS server application is running.

Below are some available features:

  • parallel interaction with any number of video surveillance servers of different types
  • live video when a floor plan is clicked or for every access event on the ACS monitoring screen
  • use of recognized vehicle number plates as identifiers in the ACS
  • use of facial recognition for identification in the ACS
  • joint archives of the ACS and CCTV: ACS events are linked to events in the video surveillance archive
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events exchange
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Live video overlaid on a floor plan

In Sigur editor, you can create floor plans, which will display elements from the ACS, security and fire alarm system and video surveillance system. Every icon is linked to a real device. By clicking a camera icon, a new window with live streaming from the linked camera will appear on the screen. Sigur supports connection of an unlimited number of cameras and allows simultaneous viewing of the video streams from all of them.

This functionality will show directly on the floor plan what is happening at any given checkpoint if it has stopped responding.

Live video streaming of events on the monitoring screen

In Sigur, you can create a customizable monitoring screen with elements that you need for efficient monitoring of the site.

One of the elements you can include in your monitoring screen is live video streaming from cameras. Each camera is linked to a checkpoint where it is installed (for each checkpoint, you can assign an entry camera and an exit camera). Any events at the checkpoint, such as employees’ entries or exits, will be streamed to the operator’s workstation from the respective video camera.

This functionality is helpful for additional verification of employees at remote unmanned checkpoints.

Linking ACS events to the CCTV archive

Sigur can refer to video surveillance archives and link ACS events (access events, access denials, etc.) and the corresponding videos. You can set a playback time for the video (how many seconds of the video will be played before the recorded event). For example, if a playback of several seconds is set, you can see a person walking towards the turnstile before they will have tapped the card on the reader.

This functionality is highly helpful for thorough investigation of any incident.

Vehicle number plate recognition

If your video surveillance system supports number plate recognition, Sigur can use recognized number plates as identifiers for access control purposes. In this case, the access will be granted or denied based on comparison of the recognized number plate and the number plate stored on the employee’s file.

This functionality will help automate the traffic of vehicles and make the control procedure more comfortable for drivers.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is integrated in Sigur. The minimum requirement for this functionality is to have any IP camera directly connected to Sigur.

Sigur also provides tools that ensure compatibility between third-party facial recognition algorithms and our physical access control system. Currently, these tools ensure compatibility between Sigur and such systems as NtechLab, VisionLabs, Connecton, ISS as well as Eocortex and Trassir.

This functionality enables the system to use recognized faces as identifiers in the PACS, which is a more comfortable access control measure for employees.

Integration protocol for facial recognition systems

Manufacturers of video surveillance systems with enabled facial recognition and developers of facial recognition algorithms can independently integrate their products with Sigur. To this end, we have developed a specialized integration protocol that will enable:

  • transfer of lists of cameras from your recognition system to the physical access control system;
  • automated synchronization of employees’ photos between Sigur and the facial recognition system;
  • transfer of facial recognition events to Sigur
The functionality of this protocol can be expanded, if necessary, to allow access to live and archived videos and number plate recognition events and transfer of events from the access control system to the video surveillance system.

To start the integration process, please contact Sigur technical support team and specify your problem and we will help you find optimal tools and solutions to make integration work.

Communication between the ACS and the CCTV and system responses

Sometimes, the ACS will send information on some events to the video surveillance system. The video surveillance system will respond to these events as defined by the user, including it can start recording or turn the camera at a certain angle if monitoring several checkpoints.

Integration with IP cameras

Sigur can be integrated directly with any IP cameras that support the real time streaming protocol (RTSP). IP cameras are helpful when the site has no integrated video surveillance system or it is financially inexpedient to deploy it (for example, if it is a small office).