Integration with Active Directory

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If the integration of Sigur and Active Directory is used, the system can block user accounts when the employees are absent from work.


Active Directory is Microsoft’s proprietary directory service. It runs on Windows Server. It enables integrations with other authorization services and provides integration functionality.


This feature will block accounts of the employees when they are outside the permitted areas (such as when they leave the administrative building of the company).

Different cardholders or groups of cardholders can be assigned different permitted areas, where they can access the domain (i.e., all accountants will be able to access the domain only directly from the accountants’ office and while staying on the administrative floor of the company).

Sigur supports an unlimited number of Active Directory domain controllers.


It is recommended to sync the Active Directory employee database via the LDAP protocol.

The LDAP synchronization is quite flexible. You can set which attributes of the record from Active Directory will be used and how the ACS will interpret them.

When a change is made to Active Directory (an employee is added or moved to another folder, etc.), these changes will automatically be applied to Sigur.

If an employee’s account is deleted from Active Directory, it can also be deleted from the Sigur employee database or can be moved to the Dismissed department. If an account is locked out, it can be also locked out from entering the territory of the company.

Also, for all cardholders exported from Active Directory to the ACS, you can export their cards from the Sigur back to Active Directory. This functionality ensures great flexibility when transferring data between different components of the IT infrastructure of the company and adapts them efficiently to your needs.