Employees and vehicles inspection

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Sigur allows the company to inspect its employees and vehicles. This feature offers flexible configuration options: you can choose different groups of employees and set the probability of inspection.

Use cases

A vehicle is leaving the territory of the site. The driver taps his card on the reader at the checkpoint but the exit is denied.

The security officer sees the respective message on the monitoring screen and an inspection prompt as well as any additional information about the vehicle and the cargo. The system generates a message 'pending inspection'.

The security officer inspects the vehicle and confirms it by tapping their card. The system registers the event, which can be later viewed in the archive. The entry will contain the information about the place, entity, time and items inspected. After that, the system will allow exit and register this event, the barrier will be lifted and the vehicle will leave the territory of the object.

The same algorithm is applicable to the employee inspections.

How it works

Employee inspection functionality in Sigur is an extension of the access rule 'Only if accompanied'. This feature is performed independently by the controller, which means that in case of bad or lost connection with the server, the inspection functionality will still be available.

The following parameters can be configured:

  • inspection location: specific doors / checkpoints and directions (entry, exit or entry+exit)
  • inspected employees: this rule can be applied to all or some employees or departments of the company
  • group of inspectors: a specific group of employees can be involved in inspections
  • probability of an inspection: to speed up the traffic though a checkpoint, a percentage of inspected employees can be set from 0% to 100%. In this case, an employee to be inspected will be chosen randomly.
  • inspection time: to inspect people and vehicles, different time spans may be required. To this end, Sigur allows configuration of the inspection time from several seconds to infinity

Additional information and reporting

This feature allows the user to configure output of additional information about the entity on the monitoring screen, including what cargo the vehicle is carrying, its weight or accompanying documents, which can be uploaded from third-party information systems.

All inspection-related events are registered in the system and can be later viewed in the archive or through a report-generating feature.

Light and sound indication

The responsible employee can be notified about the inspection required via the controller sound indication functionality or light / sound indication devices, if connected.