Reader indication control

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Sigur allows you to choose, which signals will be used by the reader to respond to different events or changes of the checkpoint status.

Support of a variety of readers

Sigur is compatible with any readers with standard output interfaces.
As part of Sigur system, you can use such equipment that will meet all your requirements, including design, support of a variety of identifiers, temperature range or price.

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Choosing your indication options

Sigur allows you to choose different reader indication options for different events at checkpoints. Let’s look at some typical use cases.

Access allowed signal

There, you have several options of how to configure your reader’s response to when an identifier is tapped and access is allowed:

  • Short signal
  • Long signal
  • Frequent switching (flashing)
For example, you can set a short beep, long green LED signal or flashing red LED signal while pending the access event to be completed.

Access denied signal

This signal is used when access is denied. This signal will appear when an identifier is tapped on the reader: three short beeps and red LED light.

Door status signal

This is a permanent signal and changes only when the door status has changed and can include a long beep and a LED light for normal, locked or unlocked state. For instance, a locked door can be shown as a steady red LED light on the reader.

Other types of indication

Reader indication for such events as door propping, break-in, pending PIN code, etc. is pre-programmed and cannot be changed, however you can disable them (all or some of them).

Signal inversion

You can set up synchronous switching of red and green LED signals by using signal inversion for each of the lines.

Hardware-based implementation

In Sigur, reader indication is operated by controllers directly and therefore will work even if the server is not available.

In fact, controller outputs are open collectors connected to ground, which means that you will be able to use an intermediate relay to control any load (including LED information displays).