Iris biometrics

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Sigur integration with iris scanners allows the user to add or delete biometric templates directly from the ACS software without the need to use additional software.

Advantages of iris biometrics

Every person’s iris is unique and remains mostly unchanged throughout a person’s life. Unlike traditional biometric identifiers, such as fingerprints, much more information is available for an iris template. This important advantage ensures high recognition accuracy, which is crucial for sites with a large number of employees and high security requirements.

Additionally, this identification method is very convenient as there is no contact required to scan the iris and the entire process takes less than three seconds.

Integration features

The main advantage of Sigur integration with EyeLock devices is that it allows management of the biometric template database directly from the ACS interface. Not only it is convenient for the operator, it also eliminates errors and guarantees complete compatibility of the readers and the system.

In general, Sigur can be connected to any biometric scanners with standard output interfaces.

Iris identification can be used in combination with other types of identification such as contactless cards or other biometric identifiers.

Architecture of the solution

EyeLock scanners, as any other devices, are connected to Sigur controllers via Wiegand interface. They are also connected to the IP network to ensure communication with the PACS server. Like any other reader, they can be set up for entry or exit.

Biometric templates are added directly from Sigur interface and do not require any additional software. All templates created are stored both on Sigur server and locally on EyeLock devices. The templates are directly recorded to the device memory over the IP network.

Like with any other readers, if the iris has been recognized successfully, the EyeLock devices connected via Wiegand will send the identified person’s code to the respective ACS controller. Then, the controller decides on whether to grant or deny access. The process is completely automated.

Overview of EyeLock Nano NXT

EyeLock Nano NXT is an iris scanning solution designed for heated indoor installations. It is error-proof in the identification mode even with large employee databases and provides high recognition speeds up to 20 people per minute. The scanner can read even through glasses (including sunglasses) or contact lenses at the distance up to 60 cm.