Identification using bank cards

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In Sigur, bank cards such as Visa PayWave or MasterCard PayPass can be used as identity credentials.

Bank cards for campus projects

Bank cards are perfect for universities since a card can be used not only as a university pass and a financial tool but also a transit pass, library card, meal tracking or inventory tracking tool.

Sigur offers tools for automated synchronization of databases between the bank, the university information system and the ACS. It is important to set up all interactions between the databases correctly from the start. And if needed, we are here to help with the setup.

How it works

In Sigur, bank cards such as Visa or MasterCard can be used as access credentials. One card with multiple functionality is convenient for users and allows the organization to save significant amounts on issuance and maintenance of their own ID cards since the cards are issued and serviced by the issuing bank.

Integrated protection against cloning and fraud

Card processing in Mifare emulation mode

Bank cards can be processed in Mifare (Classic and Plus) emulation mode, including secure mode, using data encryption algorithms such as Crypto-1 and AES. This minimizes the chances of card cloning and fraud.

M/Chip cards

Sigur also supports MasterCard M/Chip cards with the highest level of protection among all credit and debit cards. This solution is ideal for sites with higher security requirements. To simplify the processing of these cards, Sigur provides for seamless integration with SLS (Smart Lab Solutions) library thus enabling use of a desktop ACR reader for card processing.

An important point to take into account is that not all readers are fully compatible with M/Chip cards. For example, they are absolutely compatible with wall-mounted devices Sigur MR1, custom PNR-P19.B reader manufactured by Parsec as well as a number of other devices.

In fact, use of MasterCard M/Chip cards in a access control system involves more complex interactions between the bank and the customer compared to cards in Mifare emulation mode.

How to prepare your cards in a proper way

To be able to use any cards in a secure mode, it is important to properly set up the system. It means that you will need to initialize the memory of the cards as well as system readers. This is easily done in Sigur software and does not require any specific skills from the user.

You can do the following directly from Sigur interface:

  • automatically initialize the memory of Mifare Classic, DESFire and Plus cards when a card is assigned to a cardholder. For this purpose, ACR1252 USB readers are supported in the system.
  • create initialization cards for wall-mounted readers such as Sigur MR1