Document recognition

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Automated document recognition in Sigur will help you speed up the process of data input when issuing a pass to a visitor or employee of the company.

Usage scenarios

Automated data acquisition from the documents will help you speed up the issuing process for temporary passes and minimize errors, which will make the process more comfortable for the visitors and less costly for the company.

How it works

This functionality helps to automate document registration in the system, significantly improving the visitor management process.
First, ID documents are scanned and then processed. The result of the recognition process is automatically entered in the visitor’s file. All fields are editable in case of any recognition errors.


Documents for recognition can be obtained from a scanner, web camera or uploaded from a file sent remotely. In this case, you will be able to issue a badge in advance, e.g. on the pre-approved application. The document recognition speed depends on the computing power of your workstation.
When scanned, the images will be saved to the PACS database:

  • Compressed (default option)
  • Without compression (original quality)

Types of documents

Most ID documents can be recognized:

  • National / international passport of a national of the Russian Federation and a number of other countries
  • Driver license of a Russian national and nationals of other countries
  • Various ID documents of a number of countries

Compatible scanners

Sigur supports any scanners, including regular household scanners and specialized passport scanners that speed up the scanning process. We also offer a ready-to-use integration with Regula scanners.

Document recognition using a web camera

Sigur supports document recognition libraries provided by Smart IDReader. Using a web camera, Smart IDReader can recognize text fields and special machine-readable zones present on the international and national passports, visas and foreigner passports. It identifies photos and signatures.

To enable this functionality, you will need the libraries available on Smart IDReader website.