Cross-platform (Windows / Linux)

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Sigur is a cross-platform system and it can operate on different operating systems.

Depending on your corporate policy and your needs, you can choose what operating system your Sigur system will be run on. It is very helpful when your company has a large workforce as it allows them to use the ACS and not be limited by the choice of workstations for their core duties.


Windows provides the full functionality of the access control system. Other operating systems have some limitations.

Sigur for Windows is the most wide-spread version and offers the most functionality, including both standard ACS features such as access control, time & attendance tracking, real time monitoring and storage of events in the archive, configurable system reactions and responses, etc. as well as unique features offered exclusively by Sigur:

  • Supports various identification methods, including using a number of biometric features, and Mifare cards;
  • Autonomous operation in all complex access modes, such as two-factor authentication, access only if accompanied, interlocking doors, etc.;
  • Suitable for geographically-distributed organizations;
  • Integration with third-party video surveillance systems and security and fire alarm systems.


Most existing architectures support Debian, which means that Debian will run on almost all personal computers, including older models. A large number of equipment and machinery is supported, which is critical for industrial enterprises.

Sigur on Debian Linux will provide almost the same suite of functionality as Sigur on Windows, except for the following:

  • Sigur RS485 controllers;
  • Footage capture from a web camera;
  • Features of the additional software module Data Sync;
  • Integration with Active Directory;
  • USB GSM modems (however, SMPP is fully supported);
  • Document scanning and recognition;
  • Auto-update of Sigur workstations from the server;
  • Server mode support using Biosmart readers;
  • Biosmart desktop readers support.

Some integration features of Sigur and video surveillance systems are limited.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux version of the software also has several functional limitations, before installation we recommend to consult with Sigur technical support.

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