Card collectors

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Sigur offers automated badge collection functionality provided that you have card collectors installed. This will speed up the flow of visitors and enable automated collection of cards and badges when a visitor leaves the territory of your company.

How it works

A card collector is installed at a checkpoint through which people exit the premises. Generally, it is paired with some kind of doors, turnstiles or gates. To exit the territory, visitors will have to put their badges into a card collector. After that, they will be able to walk through the turnstile (drive through a boom gate).

In fact, you can configure the system so that your staff can be allowed through the checkpoint both by tapping their identifiers on the reader and through the card collector (their cards will be returned); however, all visitors will be allowed only through the card collector.

Card collector control

Sigur enables direct control of card collectors by sending a respective command, receiving a service message from the device and a respective system response to it:

  • collect / return the card (from the controller)
  • the card has been collected (from the card collector)

With these options, the system has some level of flexibility to response differently to different categories of cardholders (badge holders):

  • if a permanent card has been collected by a card collector, it will be returned to the cardholder
  • if a single-use or temporary card has been collected, it will be withheld only if the cardholder has passed the checkpoint. However, if the visitor has failed to leave the territory, i.e. failed to pass the checkpoint, the card will be returned

You can set different access rules for different checkpoints or groups of them and for different cardholders or groups of them.

Connection of card collectors

In Sigur, card collectors are directly connected to a controller together with turnstiles or other types of barriers and operated and controlled locally. For a card collector to operate, you will not need any interface cards or other additional devices.

Sigur is completely compatible with different types of card collectors. We guarantee their compatibility and correct operation in the system and provide diagrams to connect them to our PACS controllers. If you cannot find a certain model in the list, do not hesitate to contact us and we will study your equipment and provide you with a connection diagram.

Collection of expired cards

This functionality is useful when a card is issued for a limited time, e.g. for several days, to avoid issuing every time a person enters the premises. During the specified period till the expiration of the card, the visitor can enter and exit the territory as many times as they wish as any regular employee and the card will not be collected every time.

Upon expiration of the card, when the visitor tries to leave the territory, the system will not allow them through a reader but only through a card collector, which will collect the card.

Automated collection of cards without a card collector

If you do not have a card collector, you can still arrange automated card collection by a security officer.

In Sigur, you can choose that when a visitor attempts to leave the territory, they will not be allowed through a checkpoint (such as turnstiles). To be allowed through, they will have to return their card to the security officer, who will then let them through by tapping their card on the security reader located in a place not reachable for the visitor. The visitor will be able to leave the territory and a respective event will be registered in the system and a card return entry will be made.