Auto-switching door modes

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In Sigur, you can create schedules for doors and checkpoints to automatically switch to another operating mode. For example, the reception room door can be unlocked for visitors during standard working hours and switched to an access control mode for the rest of the time.

Usage scenarios

Checkpoint lock / unlock schedules are helpful at the sites where access to some premises must be free during a certain period of time but controlled, e.g. using an ID card, during the rest of the time. Examples of such organizations may include government or medical institutions and offices of banks where an intense traffic of visitors is part of their business.

How it works

Door lock / unlock schedule in Sigur is an operating mode, i.e. it is a customizable sequence of days with the starting date. This sequence will repeat from the starting date on forever (for Level 1 modes) or till the end date (for Level 2 modes and higher).

Every schedule has the following settings:

  • Intervals for locked, unlocked and normal door operating modes
  • Special days with a higher priority over usual days, i.e. on a special day, parameters of the schedule will change according to the settings
  • Priority for overriding the current schedule for a limited period of time. If several schedules coincide, the higher priority schedule will be applied

For different checkpoints you can choose different lock / unlock schedules.
Sigur controller switches between the regular and the chosen modes at the start and at the end of the chosen time intervals. For example, if a door locked according to the schedule is unlocked by a command from a workstation, it will be switched to and remain unlocked till the next time interval.

Event log

When a door is locked according to the schedule, the operator will see a respective event, which will be then saved in the PACS archive.

Independent operation

This functionality is executed independently by the controller and does not require connection to the server.

System response to events

In Sigur, door lock / unlock schedules can be set via the system response to events functionality (event type: scheduled). In this case, you can set the starting date, date and time when the lock / unlock mode will change, checkpoints to be applied to and the designated mode.

However, this functionality is software-based, therefore it will work only if the server is available. To enable this functionality, you need to install Sigur System Response to the “Events module”.