Presence control readers

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Sigur supports the use of presence control readers. These devices address a number of time and attendance tracking and access control needs.

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Presence control readers can identify whether the entitled card is in the effective range of the reader. Unlike other readers, the card must be physically inserted in the special pocket and stay there.

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At arrival, the employee puts her card into the insert reader installed near her workplace. If the same card is used to access other facilities of the company, when the employee leaves her workplace, she will have to take the card with her so that she could come back.

This makes time tracking more accurate as it allows counting only the actual time spent at the workplace. As a result, the employees’ salaries can be calculated more accurately. Based on the collected data, you can automatically generate unified time and attendance reports and other analytical reports.

Using one Sigur controller, you can track time and attendance at up to 4 workplaces.


Lockout of equipment in university lecture rooms and labs or of individual workstations and equipment in a workshop (i.e., when the operator removes the card and leaves, the machinery is locked out immediately).

The feature also supports account lockouts (i.e., it will automatically lock out accounts on your corporate domain, if the Active Directory integration is used).

With this integration in Sigur, you can divide the territory into sectors or zones in which the employee’s account will be active. In other words, when the employee is leaving the permitted zone (in our case, if the card is removed from the insert reader), no one will be able to access the employee’s account.


If the card is in the reader, the room will have power supply. If the card is removed from the insert reader, the power supply will be cut off. This feature will help save on power supply and ensure fire safety, which is an important point for hotels, wellness resorts and other similar facilities.