Paid access

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In Sigur, you can organize paid access to car parks, corporate canteens, fitness clubs and other service premises.


Sigur offers a highly convenient integration with specialized paid access solutions that helps effectively combine functionality and advantages of both systems within one interface.


The operator creates virtual payment accounts in the Sigur software where the cash balance or the number of paid visits are recorded. The account can be assigned to a person or a car. The account is topped up from the ACS interface.

When passing through certain checkpoints, such as the doors to the corporate canteen, the system will automatically debit the account for the cost of the meal. When a car enters the car park, the cost of the service can be debited or a visit can be written-off, if the number of entries is counted.

The following parameters can be configured for added flexibility:

  • Start and end time of the access rule
  • Certain employees or groups of employees to whom this access rule will apply
  • One or several checkpoints that will initiate a payment when passed
  • The direction in which the account will be debited (entry, exit or both)

If the available balance of the account is insufficient, the access through this checkpoint will be denied.


Sigur controllers are compatible with any readers with a standard Wiegand interface, which means that you can use almost any identification methods for paid access purposes:

  • Contactless cards, including Mifare in secure mode
  • Biometrics, including fingerprints, iris, palm vein pattern, facial recognition
  • Barcodes and PIN codes
  • Number plate recognition (if a video surveillance integration is used), active RFID tags, RFID key fobs for vehicles

Choice of the identification method depends on your needs. You can always contact our specialists for more details.


When the capacity of the area is limited, such as at a car park, you can set the maximum number of identifiers (people or cars), who can stay in the area simultaneously.

The feature can function globally in the system. The perimeter of the restricted-access area can be controlled by several controllers. When the maximum capacity is reached, all controllers that control the access to this area will automatically deny any further entries.


To inform your customers about availability of any slots in the area, text and information displays can be used.

Text displays can contain such information as “Spaces available,” “No vacant space,” etc. They are connected to any available port of your Sigur controller and are activated as the area is being filled. For instance, if there are parking spaces available, you will see “Spaces available.”

In addition to the information on the availability of space, information displays can also show the number of slots available. These types of displays are often used at car parks or at public places with a large visitor flow.


For users’ convenience, you can set automated notifications about cash debits or changes of the account balance via SMS, email, Telegram or Viber.


Sigur can also be integrated with specialized paid access systems for car parks, fitness clubs and other similar applications. In this case, all the operations will be performed in the interface of this specialized system, and Sigur will control the doors and checkpoints, which is the main point of the ACS. Integrations with other software and systems are available at request.