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Sigur allows the user to set up automated notifications if any chosen events arise or non-recurring notifications to inform the employees.

Safe and convenient

Auto notifications ensure quick response to various situations and help prevent potential consequences. For instance, a break-in or a fire alarm may require immediate intervention of department heads or company’s special services even at nighttime. After they have received an instant notification, they can immediately jump into action and instruct the employees on duty. Notifications about an open door or lost connection with a checkpoint will help quickly restore and ensure security at the site.

This functionality is also useful for administration purposes, e.g., a store director will receive a notification when a manager has come to work and is preparing to open the store. Or parents of school students can receive notifications when their children come to or leave the school and they will always know where their children are. Group notifications are a convenient way to notify parents about parent meetings or other school events.

How auto notifications work

When an event is registered by the system, it may respond by sending out a message. In Sigur, you will be able to create any number of “event–notification” pairs.
If the system has been working in an autonomous mode for some time (without connection to the server), when the connection is restored, a message will also be sent. You can disable this option, if necessary.
Types of events that will trigger system response:

  • Access events (through checkpoints)
  • Break-ins
  • Door propping
  • Changes in the connection status of checkpoints
  • Changes in the lock / unlock status of checkpoints
  • Access denied events
  • Changes of the account balance
  • Any arising event

If you choose any event option, you can create an auto response to any possible events arising in Sigur or any integrated system.

How manual notification works

You can use non-recurring message functionality if you want to inform a group of recipients about an event using one of these options: SMS, email, Telegram and Viber. To send out a notification, enter the text of your message and select a list of people (recipients). In this case, the communication channel will be chosen automatically for each recipient depending on their current settings.

Notification text

You can send any text in your notifications. You can also use system variables for the system to automatically generate a message. Available system variables will vary depending on the type of selected event.

For instance, you can use such variables as “date and time—checkpoint—cardholder.” In this case, when an event arises, the system will send a message: “22.04.18, 09:24, Accounting office, Sam Smith.”

SMS notifications

Sigur can send SMS notifications using one of two technical solutions: via a USB modem or an online service.

Via a USB modem

SMS notifications can be sent via any USB modem usually provided by a mobile carrier. In this case, messages are sent the same way and are charged according to the same data plan as when you send a message using your mobile phone.

However, you should know that automated message distribution may breach the contract with your mobile carrier and result in SIM card blocking.

Via an online service

Alternatively, for SMS notifications we recommend you to use our partner’s server, SMSC.RU. This is a reliable and safe SMPP server that guarantees delivery of your SMS notifications with an option to choose from a number of communication channels, including, in addition to regular SMS, Viber notifications. This service is integrated with Sigur and can be configured by just entering the login and password of your account created on this platform.

In general, you can use any provider of similar services.

E-mail notifications

To send email notifications, you will need to enter the SMTP server details and the accounts, to which emails will be delivered, in the system settings.
You can also use this feature to regularly send a time and attendance report to chosen emails. You can choose types of data to be included in the report, such as violations of work schedule (early departures from work, late arrivals from lunch, etc.) and the reporting period (last / current month or week, last 7 or 30 days, any other reporting period).

Sigur can also notify you if a person has failed to check in for some time. This feature can be used at schools to monitor students’ attendance. The system will notify a deputy principal or a social worker that a student has failed to attend school for more than a week and probably needs help. Or you can use this feature to remove dismissed employees from the database if their files are still in the system. In the settings, you can set a number of days without registered access events and email to which the notification will be sent.

Email notifications are free of charge.

Telegram notifications

This is one more free-of-charge way to send out notifications. Uninterrupted Internet connection is required.

Viber notifications

Viber notifications can be sent using SMSC.RU service. To start using this service, you will need to create an account on the website and then enter your registration details in Sigur.