Key management systems

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In Sigur, you can manage and control your electronic key management system KeyGuard. Sigur enables the user to set access rules for employees and receive all events registered by the device directly in the ACS interface.

Use cases

Key management systems help avoid manual accounting for keys and completely automate the process of issue, collection and storage of keys. This will help avoid human errors and issuance of keys to wrong employees.

These key storage and management systems will be useful at sites where physical keys are required.

How it works

Keys are hung on a special panel and have key fobs with an integrated chip. Every key fob is unique which enables the company to provide access to a key to one or several employees. A key is issued only after the user has been identified.

For enhanced security, key cases can be used. There, keys are also attached to smart key fobs and have a unique chip and then they are encased together with the key fob in a case which can be then sealed. You can order standard cases (70mm) and elongated cases for long safe keys up to 105mm (the size is measured from the center of the hole to the tip of the key).

KeyGuard key management systems support several types of identification:

  • An employee enters his or her login and password on the integrated keyboard
  • An employee taps his or her contactless card: the key management system has two EM Marine / HID ProxCard readers, one is for “return” and the other is for “issue”

Integration with KeyGuard key management systems

Key management systems are connected to a local network of the site via Ethernet. They have autonomous memory where the key database, access schedules and all events are stored so that they can operate independently if the server is unavailable.

When the server is available (the connection is restored), all data will automatically sync with the PACS server. You can manually sync the data by pressing the Rewrite the device memory button.

This integration will enable the company to:

  • Create and group keys by lists (to be able to add them to the access rules)
  • Create any key access rules (including facial recognition before issuance or security officer permission)
  • Automatically activate / deactivate the alarm system when the key is issued / returned (if Sigur is integrated with a security and fire alarm system)
  • Configure key management system administrator rights of operators in Sigur software (you can turn off the ability of an operator to access the Key management system controls tab)
Different KeyGuard key management systems can handle different number of keys and are scalable up to hundreds of keys. Sigur can handle several key management systems at the same time and control them centrally even if they are located at geographically remote sites.


All reports in Sigur are generated based on registered events, which means that you will be able to monitor who and when took / returned the keys in the Operator action log.

For more accurate time and attendance tracking, you can edit official holidays.