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Access control as a service: Gaskar Group integrated solution based on Sigur

Access control as a service: Gaskar Group integrated solution based on Sigur

It is important to organize access control, which prevents unauthorized people from entering the facility and also allows to keep time attendance of employees at any construction sites.

Sigur's cooperation with the IT-integrator Gaskar Group has made it possible to create new product that provides an opportunity to put the system into operation in the shortest possible time, as well as save on investments due to the service licensing model.

The Gaskar Group is a resident company of the Skolkovo. It is part of Amethyst Capital, an industry investment company in the ConTech segment (Construction Technologies - IT projects in the construction industry), aimed at developing start-ups and projects to digitize the construction industry.

Prerequisites for implementation

The main task the Gaskar Group had was to create a unique solution for integration into construction sites. The solution was supposed to provide simultaneously not only automatic recording of employees' time attendance, but also to use face recognition for identification despite the difficult conditions of construction sites.

At the same time, everything should function within a single system, the basis for which was the Sigur software.
Sigur experts provided Gaskar Group with a protocol for developing integration with face recognition software, on the basis of which the Exon Smart ACS system was created. The ability to use an open protocol of Sigur software allows third-party vendors to develop and implement integration on their side quickly. This solution guarantees the stability of integration with external face recognition systems.

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Integrations are a tool that allows to meet new challenges of the industry and contribute to improve solutions from both the vendor and the integrator. We support the development of technologies and always show an individual approach in order to solve complex problems of our partners.

During choosing a basis for the Exon Smart ACS system, the main factors were the following:

  • simple integration with the existing face recognition system
  • flexible and responsive technical support
  • loyal approach to the affiliate program

Solutions description

Exon Smart ACS is a contactless access system with face recognition technology, consisting of a terminal with a video camera, turnstile, controller and Sigur software.

This solution makes it possible to turn the ACS into a real control system and opens up a wide range of possibilities for organizing construction sites, educational and sports facilities, office centers and government objects.

Turnstile with installed face recognition terminals Exon Smart ACS

Exon Smart ACS is provided to an end user not only by a classic purchase, but also as a service model. It allows the consumer not to buy the entire equipment for the period of a temporary project or construction, but to subscribe to the system and use it only in those months when construction work is underway at the site, and then return the equipment to the seller.

In addition to the significant economic benefits, the client does not spend his labor resources on the operation and maintenance of the equipment and also saves time.

Face recognition system

The data about all people who have an access to the facility are uploaded on the Sigur server. When trying to pass, a person's face is fixed with a camera on the turnstile and is compared with the available information. The system automates the admission process fully, compares facial biometrics with information in the database under any face scanning conditions and even adapts to a change in a person's image.

Data exchange between Exon Smart ACS and Sigur

Moreover, facial recognition technology works in conjunction with a real-time scan temperature measurement system to improve security during the pandemic significantly.

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Face recognition system is the fastest and most convenient way to identify employees and guests. They don't need to use cards, documents or special devices. The system reads instantly individual features of the face and recognizes the person, measures the body temperature and, thanks to the Sigur solution, grants or denies access to the building.

Examples of the solutions usage

Sigur's flexible integration capabilities made it possible to create a new solution that solves the assigned tasks in the best way, especially from the point of view of costs. The end product, Exon Smart ACS, is a ready-to-use solution for quick installation, configuration and usage by the end customer, including the service model, when the solution is provided to the user on a leasehold basis.

Thus, the Exon Smart ACS system with a controller and Sigur software has already shown itself successfully on key infrastructure projects in Moscow: construction sites of the Sambo and Boxing Center in Luzhniki, as well as the International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo. Each the construction site is equipped by the time attendance system, which records when the worker arrived, how long he spent at the site and whether he came at all.

Construction site of the Sambo and Boxing Center in Luzhniki

It allows to track the amount of work of an employee at the site accurately and prevent payment for his absences on site. It was also possible to restrict the access of unauthorized people, so employees are not able to lead strangers with them now. When an attempt to cross is made (jumping, crawling, etc.), the guard of the object immediately receives an alarm signal.

The system also works successfully in the offices of companies such as Mosproekt and Moskapstroy. This made it possible to increase the speed of employees' passage through the checkpoints - from 30 seconds (manual control by a security officer) to 1-2 seconds. Ruslan Khairulin, the head of Mosproekt, told the Russia-24 TV channel how the introduction of the system has affected the organization of work.

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Main benefits of solution

  1. Ready-to-install and ready-to-work solution for automating access control at temporary construction sites
  2. Convenient and secure identification of employees on objects due to the face recognition system
  3. Organization of a distributed network of controlled objects with centralized monitoring for events
  4. Flexible tracking of employees' time attendance, increasing the level of safety and labor discipline