Best user experience and integration into the interior of a premium business center

Commercial property
Best user experience and integration into the interior of a premium business center

The comfort of the residents of the business center and their guests is one of the main services that a landlord must provide. ACS, which is responsible for convenient administration of visitors' flows and for the security, is an important part of this service. Sigur is already solving such problems in a new Corner Place business center, opened in 2021 - we will tell you exactly how in this article.

Corner Place is a new premium business center in Nizhny Novgorod. This commercial property is located just 300 meters from the Kremlin. Within the building there are offices of dozens of companies, retail spaces, restaurants and small cafes, and the flow of visitors and guests can reach up to 3500 people daily.

Prerequisites for implementation

An automated access control system is an essential requirement for a business center to belong to the premium class. In this regard, the developer company at the stage of a building's design was faced with the task of choosing an ACS capable of solving the following tasks:

  • creation of a comfortable and easy-to-administer system that ensures strict control of all visitors to the business center;
  • setting up different access modes for various categories of visitors and employees of resident companies;
  • integration of readers, entrance gates and other executive devices into the premium interior of the building;
  • the use of identification by smartphone, as well as the implementation of certain system responses to various events - primarily to achieve a better user experience and convenience in identifying of guests;
  • ensuring control of emergency situations, in the event of which the security service will be able to identify the offender.

The customer needed a system that would ensure both trouble-free operation and the ability to interact easily with other systems at the site, ready to offer a number of modern functions, for example, using a smartphone as an identifier.

The company "Security Systems", acting as the main contractor for the design and implementation of the project, proposed a solution based on Sigur, as it fully meets the requirements.
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Corner Place is an object of a unique architecture that reflects the spirit of modern business districts of London, combined with the authenticity of Nizhny Novgorod.

Solution’s description

The Sigur system "covers" the entire outer perimeter of the building. A comprehensive security system is implemented due to integration with the Oxgard turnstile system and the Rubezh fire protection system.

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The access system is based on Sigur controllers, Sigur MR1 and MR1 BLE readers, as well as software, which, in addition to the main blocks, includes additional modules used to automate the work of the pass office: a badge editor and a software package for automatic recognition of documents of business center's guests (ABBYY Passport Reader SDK).

Scheme of building an access control, security
and fire alarm systems based on Sigur

An additional protection circuit is blocking floors: Sigur equipment is installed on stairs and in elevator zones, automating the process of organizing access for tenants and their guests only to those floors and blocks where the rented premises are located.

Each employee and guest of tenant companies receives an electronic access card, which can only open certain turnstiles and doors, go up to a certain floor in the elevator and stairs. Employees also have the ability to manage access using a mobile app on their smartphones.

Entrance lobby equipped with modern
Oxgard turnstiles operated by Sigur

Sigur allows to customize work schedules flexibly, which is important if the same company has different working modes for different employees. With the help of Sigur software tenants are given the opportunity to download the working time records by their employees. Automatic documents' recognition speeds up the process of entering data about a guest or a company's employee when issuing a pass.

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Convenient identification

The implemented Sigur MR1 reader is a multipurpose reader that won the international Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design category.
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The Red Dot Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world. The Sigur MR1 reader is on display at the Essen Museum for the first-class design of the product.

Sigur readers complement the premium design of the Corner Place business center perfectly. Mifare cards are used as identifiers and contactless access is implemented for residents using mobile phones with BLE technology. It is absolutely safe - due to the Mifare technology the transmitted data between the identifier and the reader is securely encrypted.

Sigur readers support both identification
by classic cards and by smartphones

The Sigur reader provides the following features:

  • freedom to choose the type of identifier - a classic card or a smartphone: what is more convenient to use for an employee or a guest at the time of passing through an arbitrary access point;
  • ease of interaction with the user due to advanced display capabilities - multi-color LED and full-range speaker;
  • convenient display setting and customization: setting custom's reactions to many system's events and applying them on devices using a convenient mobile application via Bluetooth;
  • security and data protection: all transmitted traffic between the identifier and the reader is securely encrypted (AES).
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With Sigur we managed to achieve our goals, the main of which was to ensure security and control access in the business center. Thanks to the flexibility and integration capabilities of the Sigur system, we have managed to build a comprehensive security system at our facility. Further plans include equipping the business center with a control and access system to meeting areas.

Sigur readers have become an organic part of the building's interior:
minimalistic, moderately strict and technological

Key implementation results:

  1. Ensuring the comfort and convenience of both tenants and their guests by building a flexible access control and management system
  2. Organization of centralized events' management, ensuring control of emergency situations at the facility
  3. Providing different access modes for different categories of visitors, providing residents with 24/7 access to the building
  4. Integration of Sigur readers into the premium building’s interior