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Smartphone as a credential
Smartphone as a credential
Supports iOS and Android platforms, customization of tunes and control of RGB-indication of the reader, hands-free mode
Integration with wireless locks
Integration with wireless locks
Use wireless locking solutions from SALTO, Simons Voss or Assa Abloy: they are as easy to manage in Sigur as in classic access points
Fully autonomous
Fully autonomous
The system does not require a constantly running server: all access logic Sigur controllers execute completely autonomously
Automatic arming
Automatic arming
Configure the system so that the room is automatically armed when the last employee leaves the office and vice versa - the first one who comes in the morning will remove the security room
Sending notifications
Sending notifications
For convenience, you can set up automatic SMS or Telegram notifications when any event occurs, such as the arrival of a certain employee or the operation of a security sensor
Time & attendance
Time & attendance
Any work schedules, accounting for various violations, flexible analytics and automatic data upload to the corporate system

Smartphone as a credential

A smartphone instead of a card is not only an ultra-modern method of identification, but also user-friendly. Almost everyone now has smartphones - they are rarely forgotten at home, not passed on to others, less often lost, and smartphones themselves have powerful data protection tools: access by fingerprint / PIN-code / face recognition.

All this makes it possible to conveniently organize access to an office or coworking space for employees: when a person is nearby an access point - it will automatically open. It works with both Android and iOS devices. Access via a smartphone is also convenient from an administrative point of view: for example, a temporary pass for a guest in an office center or for a coworking client can be sent by e-mail, limiting its validity period.

For a more efficient organization of access via a smartphone, we recommend using Sigur MR1 readers: the laconic design will allow them to organically fit into any interior, and such advantages as the ability to select indications from the RGB and download your sounds and tunes, make the reader's reaction exactly the same as you need.

Adaptation for your business

The open SDK for the MR1 reader will allow you to adapt Sigur mobile identity applications on Android and iOS to your business identity, which can be especially interesting for coworking spaces with a developed brand.

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Other identification methods

In addition to a smartphone, Sigur supports any other identification methods, including their combinations, as well as complex logics of access to the facility.
For example, at the entrance groups to offices and carpeting, you can use not a smartphone, but face recognition as the most convenient method that does not require any additional actions from a person, and for indoor premises you can use proximity cards.

In those premises where an increased level of security is required, a combination of signs can be used: for example, card + face, card + pin code, card + face + pin code, and so on. Also, access to specially protected areas can be organized according to a more complex manner: for example, a technician can get into the server room only when accompanied by a security officer or only with his authorization.
Thus, it is possible to organize access control flexibly and in accordance with the level of security required by each specific object or room.

Bank cards as a credential

For identification in Sigur you can use any bank cards: MasterCard PayPass or Visa PayWave.

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Access control & payment system

In Sigur, you can conveniently set access rules for each registered person or group of people: set restrictions on time, days of the week, access points etc.

With the help of Sigur, you can also organize a record of the actual stay of a person in any area: for example, it will be convenient to take into account the services that are provided according to the actual time - meeting rooms, access to a powerful computer (farms for rendering and other calculations) and other equipment.

In some cases, additional sales are required within a business center or coworking space. It is convenient to do this through Sigur's own payment system - for example, to organize paid (or limited) access to a copier, printer or even a coffee machine.

This approach will allow the company to save the time of its employees on customer service, as well as on the organization of payment terminals, and to increase the convenience of clients' stay in the business center and coworking space.

Using wireless locks

An office or coworking space is often located in rented space. Such premises are not always prepared for the quick organization of access control systems - for such cases, you can use wireless locks: they will save you from wall chasing, complex “destructive” installation, they are simply dismantled in case of a room change.

Such locking devices, which include not only an actuator responsible for locking / unlocking the door, but also an identification data reader, controller and power supply. Wireless locks are usually mounted in place of a cylinder mechanism or a conventional mechanical lock and do not require wiring.

Any doors can be equipped with such locks, but most often they are installed in rooms with high requirements for interior design or in places where it is difficult or impossible to lay a cable. In the event of a change of premises, the locks can be easily dismantled and installed in a new room.

In Sigur, you can use wireless locks from various manufacturers - Assa Abloy, SimonsVoss, SALTO - along with standard ACS controllers. Managing them from the Sigur interface is just as easy and convenient as with conventional access points.

Parking management

With the help of Sigur, you can organize the parking operation as part of a unified access system using various methods of long-distance vehicle identification: for example, using a smartphone or license plate recognition.

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Multipurpose security system

Sigur is integrated with dozens of video surveillance, security and fire alarm systems common in the security market. The integrated solution allows you to more conveniently monitor the situation at all facilities of the company, as well as to respond more quickly to any incidents, which is especially important for companies with a large number of visitors.

To integrate with video surveillance, you can use not only specialized systems, but also those that are often offered by telecommunications providers. Interaction will allow you to correlate any ACS events (passages, hacking facts, alarm triggering) with a video stream: that is, you do not have to watch hours of video in search of the right moment, but you can immediately go to it, which will save time when investigating any incidents.

Also you can configure various automatic reactions of one of the systems to events in the other: for example, Sigur automatically unlocks the doors for evacuation in the event of a fire alarm. Or disarm (arm) the premises when the first (last) employee enters (exits). Another option is to inform the manager via SMS or Telegram that the administrator on duty has come to the facility and prepares it to receive visitors.

Integration with intercoms

In Sigur, you can use your existing intercom systems as part of an access system, logging all door openings and accompanying each passage with a photo or video.

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