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Why should you take courses at Sigur Knowledge Center?

 Why should you take courses at Sigur Knowledge Center?

Almost every day specialists of Sigur Knowledge Center train the company’s partners – representatives of customers, integrators and installation organizations.
The courses vary according to the type of participants. But they all share the desire to create conditions in their workplaces that will allow them to perform their tasks more effectively.

What makes a professional effective?

This is not only the ability to use the tool in the framework of those projects that are relevant now, but also understanding the potential of the system, the general level of competence in the subject.

All this is part of any of the Center's programs. So, over the past year, more than a hundred course participants have received a set of necessary knowledge and skills. The main driver for improvements and refinements of educational programs is the feedback of specialists who have been trained.

We spoke with some of them, asked about their goals, impressions of the programs, the learning process and the work of the speakers.

What was your goal when you came to study? Has it been achieved?

Vladimir Shaposhnikov, Engineer, Bashkirenergo:
In the field of security systems I have been working for more than 10 years, and I know Sigur since the time of the Sphinx.* The goal was to deepen knowledge in commissioning works, to expand competence in the general functionality of the product.
Despite the fact that there are no practical tasks now – I am sure that the knowledge gained during the learning process will be useful in the future.

*Prior to the re-branding in 2017, the company’s products were produced under the brand name Sphinx.

Alexey Tsvetaev, Project-manager, Universe-Soft:
Our company is a longtime technology partner of Sigur, with whom we have implemented joint integration for the fitness industry. It was interesting for me to understand what Sigur is: how ACS is implemented within the equipment, how the system is configured, what protocols and integrations there are.
The knowledge was superficial, and the training was necessary. Information is enough, I think I can apply the knowledge in practice.

For our company, course information is particularly relevant. Very glad to have come – it will help to understand how to use the system more effectively.

Igor Proshutinsky, Chief Engineer, Installation Center:
We deal with low-current systems, including security systems. The facilities of one of our customers have been equipped by a foreign developer, which is no longer supplied to Russia. Therefore, it was decided to get to know Russian manufacturers, in particular, Sigur products.
The course fully answers all questions that I had before the training or have arisen in the process.

Tell us about your impressions of the training, what did you like or find the most interesting?

Vladimir Shaposhnikov, Engineer, Bashkirenergo:
Despite the positive experience of working with the system, I learned a lot at the courses: some functionality has expanded in a larger amount than when working with the CIP. There were described additional possibilities, which I had suspected, but could not realize in the process.
For example, access modes: during the training I understood why there are so many modes, on what principle they work – convenient and interesting enough. It turns out, everything can be arranged in the system, I plan to immediately apply it in practice!

I liked that in the learning process there are many practical examples, any issue is considered from different angles.

Igor Voronin, Chief Manager, Norilsk Nickel:
We have been testing the equipment for a year now, but nevertheless, I learned a lot of new things during the training and I was impressed by the breadth of functionality and settings. I plan to put my knowledge into practice in the near future.

Igor Proshutinsky, Chief Engineer, Installation Center:
The program of the course is aimed at the technical specialist and for those who will operate the system. Individual nuances, I am sure, will be studied further in the process of installation and operation. I love to work with my hands and I find some flaws when working with the equipment quite often, but to Sigur I have no questions.

How do you evaluate the course program and the work of the speakers, how intelligibly is the information conveyed?

Vladimir Shaposhnikov, Engineer, Bashkirenergo:
The course information is comprehensive, the speakers explain everything in an accessible and understandable way.

Alexey Tsvetaev, Project-manager, Universe-Soft:
The level of experts of the Knowledge Center can be assessed as high.The depth of knowledge is impressive and shows that employees understand WHAT the company produces and what products they offers to customers.

Igor Voronin, Chief Manager, Norilsk Nickel:
I liked the presentation of the material: everything is accessible, understandable, a lot of practical tasks, a lot of interesting and new things. Everything is at a high level!

Igor Proshutinsky, Chief Engineer, Installation Center:
The learning process is clear, logically divided into the correct stages without unnecessary information and water. Everything is to the point, intelligibly and the time is chosen optimally!

What else did you like in a few days of training? Do you have any thoughts that you would like to share?

It is very pleasant that those moments that we are still thinking about are already being solved by Sigur specialists.

Alexey Tsvetaev, Project-manager, Universe-Soft:
The first impression of the company was formed from the moment we arrived at Sigur and were greeted: the employees greeted us with a smile, offered us coffee, introduced us to colleagues – I have only positive emotions! I was most impressed with the office: a cozy, modern open space, a young friendly team, you can see the close cooperation between employees of different departments. We were greeted like their own employees!

Igor Voronin, Chief Manager, Norilsk Nickel:
I especially liked the technical support, all the guys are very open and bring all the questions to the finish line. If you turn to them with a question and then you forget or change your mind, they will not let you do it – they will call until the issue is completely resolved.

Igor Proshutinsky, Chief Engineer, Installation Center:
We have already worked with Sigur before, and the first impression of the product is very high quality equipment. In our market domestic manufacturer has a number of nuances and questions to quality. But we have not found any complaints about the equipment or the convenience of installation in Sigur. Accompanying documentation is well-written and well-designed, which is very rare.

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