Early release of the request feed on the Sigur Partner Portal

Early release of the request feed on the Sigur Partner Portal

Customer support at every stage of cooperation has been the main goal of Sigur since the company was founded. To achieve this, we develop various services for the convenience of users.

The Partner Portal, launched in February 2023, is one of such tools. The portal allows customers to automate the interaction with the company's products, making it more transparent and convenient for both external users and internal Sigur employees.

The next step in the development of the partner portal is the request feed, designed to set up the life cycle of user requests and increase the level of efficiency of their processing.

The functionality of the request feed provides users with a number of significant advantages:

  • usability interaction: users can manage their requests in a single interface. This allows users to quickly find information about all created requests;
  • status tracking: the request feed provides an opportunity to follow the entire referral process from inception to resolution;
  • elimination of information loss: when creating requests, they are instantly fixed in the system, which prevents the loss of requests and provides more reliable and systematic data management;
  • quick access to history: users can easily return to their history of requests, view resolved applications if necessary;
  • improved quality of service: the request feed allows us to clearly understand the needs of customers and quickly respond to their requests, which, in general, increases the level of services provided and customer satisfaction.

Future plans

At the beginning of autumn we will launch the full version of the request feed. Users will be able to contact our technical support engineers for any questions via their personal account. In this version users will be able to choose different topics for applications, order a call back and evaluate the work of our engineers.

The request feed is a natural step in developing and strengthening of partnership with our users. The functionality of the request feed improves the processing of technical support requests and transparent communication between us and users.

To register on the portal, fill in a small form by clicking on the «Login» button in the main menu of the site Sigur or on the button below.


You can always send your inquiries, ideas and suggestions to:
Evgenia Popova, Project Manager, Sigur