Integration with HikCentral Professional VMS

Integration with HikCentral Professional VMS

Sigur has been integrated with the HikCentral Professional video surveillance system, designed to solve a wide range of tasks within a single platform and optimize daily operations for various scenarios.

The solution facilitates the management of several separate systems: access control, video surveillance, alarm detection and many others.

Integration of Sigur and HikСentral helps to simplify the daily work of security employees, who can perform the necessary actions from a single window in the access control system. Thus, the costs of training personnel to administer several systems are also reduced.

Integration ACS with VMS is one of the most popular and relevant solutions for most companies whose goal is to build a highly effective security system. Now integration with Hikcentral has the following functionality on the Sigur side:

  • viewing «live» video from the cameras on the monitoring tab and in the graphic plans of the objects;
  • viewing archive video related to events of ISCD from the Sigur software interface;
  • the ability to use the fact of facial recognition to make a decision on access, with users becoming available all modes of work: identification and verification («hard» or «soft»);
  • automatic synchronization of employee photos in HikCentral when using facial recognition feature: the option makes it easier for operators to work by eliminating double maintenance of personnel base;
  • possibility to use the fact of car number recognition, allowing to automate the passage of the vehicle and make it more comfortable for drivers.

Integration is available in the current version of Sigur software. To learn more about integration and discuss your tasks, please email us: