Sigur participation in Securika Moscow 2021

Sigur participation in Securika Moscow 2021

When registering for Securika Moscow 2021, Sigur had a goal in mind to introduce the industry to the latest products and integrated solutions and provide an opportunity for specialists to catch up with the latest developments and innovations. Now, looking back, we can positively say that we have outperformed on our goal.

We were excited to meet our existing partners and initiate a discussion with some prospective ones, and I am quite sure that many of them will become our regular customers in the future.

With this and some new collaboration projects involving a number of our technology partners, which we are going to launch very soon together, we can say that it was a busy and fruitful event for the company.

Business program

Alexander Kurilin, CEO of Sigur, delivered an opening speech at 'The Future of Security' business forum. In his welcome speech, he shared his belief that technological leadership meant a great responsibility towards the market and the entire industry. That is a responsibility for providing unbiased quality information, sharing expertise and building transparent mutually beneficial relations with all market players.

By this he implied that it was important to hold this event on an annual basis, including the business part.

Later this day in the 'Current and Future Technology in the Security Industry' session at the Forum, Alexey Mordvinov, Sigur’s CTO, delivered his presentation, which was called 'The Influence of Technology on Business Transformation and Development of IT Products.

Alexey Mordvinov delivers his presentation as part of the business program at
'The Future of Security Forum'

Alexey Mordvinov provided a perspective that 'a physical access control system is a subdomain of the global IT market and explained why physical access control systems are technologically closer to industrial automation than security.

During this session, Alexey Mordvinov was co-presenting with representatives of such companies as Kaspersky, Huawei, Ivideon and IBS.

Sigur Tech Days

On April 13–15, the participants of the event had an opportunity to visit Sigur display where a series of presentations were delivered by both Sigur experts and invited experts from our technology partners as part of Sigur Tech Days.

We believe that close cooperation with other market players is not only beneficial to end customers, resulting in better products, but is also valuable for us as it provides great opportunities for sharing expertise, approaches to R&D and addressing customers’ needs in general.

Some of the invited experts included representatives of such companies as Hikvision, Panasonic, Milestone, Speech Technology Center, ISS and Smart Security (SALTO). These presentations provided a valuable perspective on some of the highly relevant topics and an outlook on Sigur integrated solutions from developers of those solutions, including surveillance systems and biometric authentication and thermal screening devices and algorithms.

Sergey Talyzenkov, ISS, delivers his presentation at Sigur Tech Days

Among other speakers, Oleg Ulyanov, Business Development Manager, Panasonic, shared his experience of implementing an authentication through facial recognition solution in a hotel project and Sergey Talyzenkov, Deputy Director, Business Development, ISS, walked the visitors through a case study of addressing business needs of the industrial agriculture sector through security system integration.

The full presentations are available via the links below.

Speaker Link to the video
Facial Recognition Access Control Terminals. Well-Known Solutions — New Applications Konstantin Belyanin,
Product Manager, NON-CCTV, Hikvision
Watch the video
Two-Factor Authentication Solution: Hotel Case Study Oleg Ulyanov,
Business Development Manager, Panasonic
Watch the video
Advantages of Open Software Platforms for Building an Integrated Security System Oleg Goryunov,
Business Development Manager, Milestone
Watch the video
Practical Aspects of Using Biometric Authentication in Contactless Physical Access Control Systems Alexander Nikitin,
Head of Product Development, Speech Technology Center
Watch the video
Addressing Business Needs of the Industrial Agriculture Sector via Security System Integration Sergey Talyzenkov,
Deputy Director, Business Development, ISS
Watch the video
Integration of Physical Access Control Systems with Essentially Different Architectures: How Formal Competitors Can Become Strategic Partners Andrey Katrenko, CTO, SmartSecurity (SALTO) Watch the video

Sigur Real Talks

On April 14, the central stage of the event hosted Real Talks, a panel discussion on 'Contactless Access: Trends in Technology. The talks were moderated by Nikita Lebedev, Head of Key Partnerships, Sigur. Experts from Hikvision, 3DiVi Inc., VZOR Systems, CROC and Monetka retail chain took part in Real Talks.

The Sigur Real Talks panel on approaches to contactless authentication

The audience was particularly eager to know what criteria are important for the customers in deciding to use a facial recognition system as an authentication tool. Konstantin Belyanin, Product Manager, NON-CCTV, at Hikvision, believes that this technology is fairly new and innovative, which is one of the main factors why end customers favor it over other solutions.

Konstantin Sergeev, CSO at the Monetka retail chain, highlighted that the trends gravitate towards a comprehensive approach to security, which is an important trend for many businesses and especially for retail.

Real Talks saw a packed audience with over 240 attendees, who actively participated in the discussions, asked the experts questions and shared their opinions. Authors of the best questions received souvenirs from Sigur.

Interviews & other activities

Alexander Kurilin gave a talk at the official press room of the event and was interviewed live by the chief editor of RUBEZH magazine.

In his extensive interview, Alexander Kurilin shared his opinion on the transformation of the security systems market and explained why any physical access control system is, first and foremost, an IT product. He also discussed Sigur’s investments in development of new software and new solutions for the customers.

Watch the video

On April 16, anyone could visit Sigur display and be interviewed for a potential job in the company as part of the Career Day.

We received a lot of feedback from the industry professionals who visited our events at Securika Moscow 2021. We want to thank every speaker and every guest who attended the business event.

New solutions

Many visitors at the event were drawn to our demonstration area at Sigur display. All stakeholders had an opportunity to see new Sigur products and other integrated solutions designed together with our technology partners, such as Milestone, Speech Technology Center, RUBEZH, Salto Systems, Hikvision, Laser Systems, KeyGuard, Panasonic, Videomax, etc.

New-gen controllers

Two models, Sigur E2 (for 2 checkpoints) and Sigur E4 (for 4 checkpoints), were presented from the new range of controllers. Both models support connection of a number of sensors to build a comprehensive integrated security system based just on this device.

New Sigur product range demonstration

The controllers are designed as standard form factors and can be mounted on a DIN rail, so that they can be mounted together with other equipment and network devices into specialized cabinets, including heated ones or with ingress protection.

Other new features include extended indication capabilities to indicate the status of installation of the device, connection to the server, etc.

The key advantage of these new controllers is their ability to be smoothly integrated into any existing corporate IT infrastructure. They support standard DHCP and SNMP protocols, which allow convenient control and monitoring of their status, and ensure SSL/TLS encryption of the transferred data.

Upgrade to the readers range

In addition to the controllers, Sigur presented at their display an upgraded range of readers, MR100. This is an upgrade to the Sigur MR1 reader, an award-winning device of the international Red Dot Design Award 2020 widely acknowledged by industry professionals.

In the demonstration area, the visitors could also see multi-format MR100 Multi readers that support both Mifare cards and smartphones and also have an additional receiver for EM Marine cards. This will help companies that chose secure authentication seamlessly organize the transfer from one card type to the other.

Demonstration of extended capabilities of the new Sigur MR100 range

New Sigur controllers and readers support extended OSDP interface, which has some added benefits to the standard features of the interface (such as bi-directional communication, data encryption, etc.) and provides extra convenience and flexibility of configuration of indications on the new readers. With the multicolor LED and the full-range loudspeaker, the user can assign customized responses to many events and upload the configuration from the Sigur software in one click.

Software development

One of the most remarkable developments presented at Securika Moscow 2021 was a new version of Sigur software.

Our new software brings greater reliability, greater security, greater performance and greater scalability to the market. We endeavored to give it the widest range of capabilities and maximum flexibility, including from the perspective of the end user of the system.

In early summer, we are launching the beta testing program for one of the features of the new software release. This is a completely redesigned reporting functionality. This will help us collect feedback, refine our development roadmap and add new capabilities to the official release of the software.

To become a part of our Beta Testing program, please send your applications to

To find out more, feel free to contact:
Irina Kuznetsova, Head of Business Events
Natalia Berkutova, PR Manager