ISS facial recognition integrated with Sigur


ISS facial recognition algorithms (SecurOS FaceX module) have been integrated with Sigur and can be now used for enhanced physical access control.

ISS facial recognition algorithms use employees’ photos from the Sigur database to recognize faces and share this information with the access control system, which in its turn decides on whether to grant access or not.

The recognition functionality can be used both for authentication and verification and can be flexibly configured for different access points, directions of movement or employee groups.

Integration of the ISS video analytics system with Sigur additionally enables number plate recognition (SecurOS Auto module) as well as other functionality.

As developers, we strive to provide users with plenty of opportunities to adapt our products to their needs. An access control system is an important element of the company’s infrastructure, and therefore we are committed to designing our system to be as flexible and easily integrated with other safety and security products and business automation systems as possible.

Our integration with ISS products, having a proven record of numerous successful integrations, is another step toward this goal.

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