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Sigur launches a unified request feed on the company’s partner portal

Sigur launches a unified request feed on the company’s partner portal

Along with other services already available to customers within the partner portal, Sigur launches a unified feed of requests – a tool for solving any issues related to the operation of the company's products.

Comprehensive support of partners has always been not only important for us, but also our favorite part of our work. Our willingness to immerse ourselves in a issues, our openness, is what is valuable not only to our thousands of clients, but also to ourselves.

The launch of a unified feed of requests is a step in a direction where the main guideline is still the convenience of interacting with us. At the same time, the effectiveness of such interaction and its quality have increased manifold.

The feed UI is a list of requests, built by analogy with “chats” in popular instant messengers: at the top there are requests with a later creation date or those for which there are unread messages from the company’s engineers. Thus, the user will always focus on those requests that require attention first. For easier navigation, you can sort the list not only by creation or update date, but also by request status.

By clicking on any of the created applications, the user proceeds to a dialogue with the responsible engineer of technical support or service center.

While working on the feed of requests, we paid special attention to adapting the interface to mobile devices. It means that it`s equally convenient to use the tool regardless of the circumstances – whether it is a stationary workplace in the office or a user's smartphone.

Main features & advantages

Unlike other communication channels, the feed of requests is the essential element of the Sigur partner portal which combines a lot of the services within one resource. It allows us to speed up the processing of applications because the engineer will have complete information about the problem since the moment they are created: the system will automatically download all the missing data from other functional blocks of the portal.

So, for each user of the feed of requests, there will be available:

  • a single interface for creating and managing all applications to the technical support and service center of the company;
  • maintaining a complete history of interaction on the application, including correspondence and possible attachments;
  • tracking the status of every application and notifications about changes of their status;
  • indication of applications that require additional information or actions from the user for further work.

Besides, all requests submitted via the feed have the highest priority in comparison with other communication channels, for example, by e-mail or forms from the Sigur website.

Service quality

For Sigur, as a developer and service provider, a single feed of requests is a tool for centralized receiving feedback from users. These are important data that will be taken into account by the company's specialists when implementing various projects – from creating new training materials and adjusting the content of the Knowledge Center courses to product improvements and their adaptation according to market requirements.

The cycle of "life" of any of the requests sent through the feed will end with an assessment of the work of the responsible engineer. This will allow the company not only to receive information about the quality of work of the selected employee, but also to quickly identify weak points in a number of business processes, including those which are not directly related to customer service.

Sharing knowledge and experience is what we consider important and something that we ourselves regularly do. However, listening to the opinion of the professional community and adopting the same experience from you, our partners, are things that help us make one of the best products in the industry every day.

The opportunities of a single feed of requests are already available within the framework of the Sigur partner portal. To get access to them, as well as other services of the company, you need to sign up. To do this fill out a small form by clicking on the "Log in" button in the main menu of the website.

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions on the development of the portal, please contact Evgenia Popova, Sigur Project Manager: