Introducing new facial recognition features in Sigur


A new verification feature has been added to the Sigur facial recognition functionality. It will be particularly useful in residential buildings.

Hard group verification is a new verification feature in Sigur. When activated, this feature will, after the recognition of the primary verification key, proceed to matching the face of the keyholder with one of the faces from the same group in the system to which this particular key belongs.

This feature will be extremely useful for facial recognition systems of residential buildings. Imagine a typical situation when a child goes to school in the morning. After school, she realizes that she forgot her key at home. So, she heads to her father’s office to borrow his key and heads back home.

Usually, in this situation this child would have to wait at the entrance door for a neighbor to let her in. With this new feature, the system will let the child in as soon as Sigur finds the father’s key in the database and matches the key and the child’s face as belonging to the same flat or the same group, as they are called in Sigur, which means that the child can come in.

We also have optimized the process of synchronization of the employee database using third-party recognition algorithms in Sigur. Now, when using third-party recognition algorithms, only the employees who are allowed through certain checkpoints will be synchronized and not all the employees having photos as was the case previously.

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