Actual identification technologies of ACS at Intersec 2024

Actual identification technologies of ACS at Intersec 2024

A special place in the Sigur exposition at Intersec 2024 will be occupied by an area demonstrating the capabilities of actual identification tools, including secure identification based on Mifare cards, mobile access, biometrics, as well as solutions for vehicle license plate recognition.

The development and support of technologies that ensure a high level of safety and variability is a constant focus of Sigur's attention.
At Intersec 2024 we will talk about the peculiarities of using solutions proven by numerous implementations and also announce completely new products, the launch of which is scheduled for the nearest future.

Depending on the individual requirements and conditions of ACS using an important factor in its effectiveness is the variability of ways to identify access objects – employees, guests or vehicles. We provide customers with various ways to personalize events in the system, implemented both due to the capabilities of our own products and to the third-party solutions integrated into Sigur.

Mobile Access

One of the Sigur exhibition areas will be dedicated to mobile device identification solutions, which is available when using multi-format readers of the MR100 line. In addition to cards of various formats, including the widely used EM Marine, HID 125 Khz and bank cards with a contactless chip, the MR100 readers also support smartphone identification.

Identification works using the Sigur Access app, which can be installed on any mobile device running both iOS and Android. The process of transferring necessary identification data can be implemented in different ways – via BLE, available for both platforms, and via NFC, dedicated only to Android devices. The selection of one of these means depends on the purpose of the access point. For example, in case of identification at the places with car passing or checkpoints, BLE should be used, which allows to identify cars even from a distance of several meters.

Thus, the use of MR100 readers in common with the Sigur system functionality allows you to create several identifiers for one employee and gives users the opportunity to choose an identifier depending on specific situations and tasks.


There will be a special place at the Sigur stand for an area with popular biometric solutions: from classic fingerprint identification to face recognition and palm vein pattern readers.

Visitors will be able to learn about proven integrations based on Hikvision and BIOSMART Quasar terminals and third-party systems like VisionLabs, as well as a completely new solution implemented jointly with ZKTeco as a part of the recent software release. In addition to facial biometrics these integrations allow to receive from devices temperature measurement results, which can act as an additional condition for access granting.

Other common solutions that visitors will be able to test at the Sigur booth include palm vein pattern recognition using the example of interaction with BIOSMART PV-WTC devices.

Each of these integrations allows you to administrate biometric templates along with other personnel information in a single Sigur software interface.

One of the most significant innovations that will be announced for the first time within Intersec is an integrated solution with Suprema biometric readers: the solution will be available to users in early 2024.

See you at Intersec!

Dates of the exhibition: January 16-18, 2024.
Exhibition venue: Dubai World Trade Centre, 227 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.
Stand number: S1-I41.


For more information, please contact:
Irina Kuznetsova, Head of Business Events Sigur