Why should you go to the conference IACC 2023?

Why should you go to the conference IACC 2023?

Before the Professional Security Conference, Irina Kuznetsova, Head of business events at Sigur, gave an interview. She told about the history and concept of the event and answered other questions on the topic.

How did the idea of creating the IACC conference come to your mind and what is its difference from other events?

Irina Kuznetsova:
I think that the idea of the event, that brings together experts in the field of security, came to the mind of many industry professionals, but we decided to take responsibility and turn it into a finished product. Typically, technology events are focused on a particular brand or solution. This annoys people, because this has already been told many times.

The conference IACC is characterized by objective information due to strict moderation of reports by leading industry experts and lack of advertising. Such an approach in the conservative security industry still seems more than relevant today. At the time of the first conference in 2016, it was a "revolution".

Tell us about the concept: why the tagline of the conference 2023 – Technology and business?

Irina Kuznetsova:
The situation we faced in 2022 affected all market participants, so the tagline is dictated by the current agenda. Equipment manufacturers faced a shortage of components, distributors – with the departure of supplies from Russia, integrators and customers – with the lack of solutions for projects.

The conference will take place a year after the beginning of events that dramatically changed the market. All these 12 months, companies have been trying to adapt to the changes dictated by the new reality. At IACC we will talk about changes in access control technologies, impact of 2022 events on business, its efficiency and security.

What is the main value of the conference?

Irina Kuznetsova:
IACC 2023 is a completely different view on the consideration of issues related to technologies, their perception, development and application. The main value of the conference is the focus not on the benefits of specific solutions, but on the application of technologies. We are sure that this approach gives objectivity in the coverage of important aspects of technology development and meets the needs of the professional community, not companies.

The conference provides great opportunities not only for the audience, but also for the participants themselves. It’s a platform for professional communication, search for new solutions and exchange of experience. In a period of instability, it is very important to 'keep abreast', and IACC 2023 is an effective tool for solving this issue.

Why is the conference only held offline?

Irina Kuznetsova:
The online format of events is definitely a great option. We ourselves actively use it in our annual Real Talks, however, this format is not suitable for the IACC conference, which implies interactivity and live communication. Any offline event is a guarantee that the visitor is more likely to be immersed in the content and not be distracted, and this is our goal – to make the conference as useful and interesting as possible for any participant. This is another reason for postponing the date rather than changing the format.

Tell us about the program of the conference: what is its feature this time?

Irina Kuznetsova:
The IACC 2023 program will include many formats: question and answer sessions, open discussions, case studies, an extensive demo zone with the opportunity to test products - and all this within one day. On the one hand, the one-day format allows participants from remote regions to visit the event without interrupting the work process for a long time. On the other hand, this forces the speaker to tell only the specifics and practical benefits in a 15-minute report.

As for the content, the IACC 2023 business program is divided into thematic blocks. Each topic logically flows into the next, creating a common semantic line. Within each block, we will consider business and technology issues at the global level: why it is now so important to invest in access control systems, how products are developed, who influences development, how prices are formed, how relations between market participants develop.

How did you choose the experts?

Irina Kuznetsova:
In the process of forming the expert council, we proceeded from the fact that its members should be highly regarded experts in the field of security. These are people with a background in various fields: marketing, sales, consulting, development, but all of them are united by vast experience in the security industry. Their great experience allows them to consider issues comprehensively.

How do you choose topics and speakers for your business program?

Irina Kuznetsova:
The choice of conference topics is a creative and laborious process. It involves both organizers and experts. Moreover, on the conference website participants have the opportunity to ask the speaker a question or share ideas before the event. Thus, step by step the event is finalized.

As for the choice of speakers and the preparation of materials, we are quite demanding. We are constantly in touch with all participants: we discuss and correct important points.

While discussing the topics for the 2023 conference, we realized that some questions have no answers, and they make us think about the future of the security industry. Our mission is to raise and highlight such issues.

What is the role of your partners in organizing the event?

Irina Kuznetsova:
Partners help us to keep the traditional format of the conference and not make compromises. We still adhere to the unique concept of the event without advertising and marketing and maintain an equal format of participation in both the business program and demo zone.

«IACC 2023: Technology and Business» conference will take place on February 28, 2023 in Moscow. Until the end of December this year, a ticket can be purchased at a special price available with the promotional code GIFT50.