Supporting the Industry, Partners and New Solutions: Securika Moscow 2022 Highlights

Supporting the Industry, Partners and New Solutions: Securika Moscow 2022 Highlights

On April 12-15, a major event in the security industry of Russia and neighboring countries, Securika Moscow 2022, was held at Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center (Moscow). Securika Moscow can be legitimately called the most attended event in the security industry with over 16 000 specialists attending the expo in total since its beginning.

The reality is that today most market players have to operate in the context of great uncertainty having to deal with ever-changing circumstances and the urge to keep developing new solutions. This made the event ever so necessary, even provided its limited format this time. This year, Securika Moscow became more than just a platform to demonstrate new products or meet people.
It became a place of dialog, providing opportunities to answer some of the most urgent questions.

Business section

It didn’t come as a surprise that the business agenda at Securika Moscow was extremely popular with the participants, gathering crowds at the main stage for almost every presentation.

How to mitigate the effects of adverse circumstances? Can threats be transformed into opportunities? Are there any alternatives to solutions of the vendors who left the Russian market?
These and many other questions were addressed by the participants of the discussion Sanctions and the Security Market: Predictions and Planning that opened the business section of the event, with Konstantin Maleev, Head of Business Development at Sigur and experts from Videoglaz, ITV Group, Soft Division, IBS Platformix and other companies taking part in the discussion.

Konstantin Maleev, Head of Business Development at Sigur, during the keynote discussion in the business section of the event

The participants noted that the pricing policy was bound to change for most manufacturers and vendors of solutions, both domestic and international who continued to operate in the Russian market. In the course of discussion, the experts came to the conclusion that, apart from obviously having certain adverse implications, such situations could actually be positive in some aspects, such as temporarily making the market less competitive, which for many Russian manufacturers could be an opportunity to win a bigger share of the market.

What to expect in 2022? We believe that infrastructure projects are still on the table for many companies. In crisis, it is crucial for businesses to focus not just on their products but also on their internal processes. Optimization of the latter, including through implementing Sigur solutions, will help businesses stay efficient and resilient.

The topic of optimization of business processes was covered in-depth by Sigur pre-sale engineers Dmitry Popov and Denis Silin at another session organized by Sigur. With years of experience in running and being involved in projects of various scale and complexity, Sigur specialists demonstrated, through powerful real-life cases, that a physical access control system is one of the most effective tools to address certain needs.

Dmitry Popov, Pre-Sale Engineer, Sigur, giving a talk at the case study session at Securika Moscow

During their presentations, Sigur experts pointed out that integrated solutions are highly effective at addressing a number of business needs holistically. Sigur is open to suggestions and welcomes collaborations with other manufacturers and developers to create more powerful and compelling products.

Integrated solutions

The demonstration stand with latest integrated solutions developed with our partners was the centerpiece of the display. This year, the professional community could experience firsthand our brand new integrations, including Sigur integration with BIOSMART Quasar facial recognition terminals and dormakaba’s evolo wireless locking systems.

Integrated solutions with our technology partners were central to Sigur display

Additionally, the visitors of the partner stand at Sigur display were able to see and experience how some of the popular tried-and-tested integrated solutions worked, including:

  • Integrations of video surveillance and physical access control systems showcasing Trassir video surveillance system, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year,
  • Integrations of a physical access control system and alcometers showcasing Alcoframe and Alcobarrier solutions,
  • Using one ID key to access facilities and storage systems showcasing Keyguard key management system,
  • Facial recognition and temperature screening showcasing the integration with Hikvision terminals,
  • Using servers with pre-installed Sigur software showcasing the integration with Videomax equipment.

These new solutions will be presented in more detail at our upcoming events.


Sigur’s proprietary solutions

The guests of the event were particularly interested in the part of the display where Sigur presented its proprietary solutions and equipment such as Е2/E4 and Е510 Controllers and MR100 Multi-Format Readers.

At the last-year exposition, we presented for the first time our new-gen controllers and upgraded range of readers. A year later, we are proud to say that these solutions have been highly rated and acclaimed by the end users. However, we live in the world where technology keeps rapidly evolving and so do we. We were delighted to share the expertise we had gained and present our upgrades.

You can find out more about the products presented, its functionality, unique features and use cases in the dedicated sections of our website.

Showcasing Sigur E2 and E4 Controllers

In addition to the above, our display provided an opportunity for the visitors to learn about the capabilities and features of the existing software highly rated by our end customers and a number of apps for the new cross-platform software. Currently, they moved from building the platform to developing its functionality. The independent software modules ensure the system’s robustness and the microservice model provides new opportunities for businesses and ensures its reliability and seamless operation.

Speaking of new software features that were highly welcomed, public REST API and some apps (guest management and improved report generator) are already available for all users.

For additional information please contact:
Irina Kuznetsova, Head of Business Events