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Rebooting the security industry community in the best traditions of IT

Rebooting the security industry community in the best traditions of IT

Before the Professional Security Conference, Irina Kuznetsova, head of business events at Sigur, and Roman Milostivy, head of sales at Solo Security, have given an interview in which they explained why it is necessary to create a new IT community and why Minsk is a promising direction.

What is the main idea of the Pro Security Conference?

Irina Kuznetsova:
The name of the event represents its main idea - it is a conference for security industry professionals and IT-experts. I confess that we have spent a lot of time searching for this name: at the same time understandable for everyone and bright, young and not too formal. We decided immediately that our conference should be the same: fresh, without fanciful slogans and conservative views on many things.

The main idea is live communication, networking, the opportunity to ask open-ended questions and get answers to them. At the end of the evening, all guests of the conference will have the best end to such a busy day - Prosecco party.

Roman Milostivy :
The main idea of the event is to set the vector for the development of the security industry by creating a new agenda. Our conference is a platform for dialogue between vendors, designers, integrators and IT-specialists. Conference attendees will be able to get acquainted with ready-made proven solutions that can be used here and now to solve their problems - it will be reflected both in the demo zone and in the reports.

Why are you organizing the event in Minsk?

Roman Milostivy:
For the development of the security industry specialists must not only interact with each other, but also monitor trends and new developments. Being one of the leaders on this market in the Republic of Belarus, we want to help our partners and clients to establish the process of sharing their experience and best practices with each other. In addition, we have a great goal - to create a new IT community here, reformatting the existing security systems market of the Republic of Belarus.

Irina Kuznetsova:
Minsk is a place with excellent IT-specialists. The whole world highly appreciates specialists from the Republic of Belarus, many of whom work in international companies and make a huge contribution to the development of the IT-industry around the world. Especially for them we came up with a completely new format of the event, which we plan to hold annually in different locations. In addition, Sigur's successful relationships with local companies played an important role in choosing the current location. We support the idea of ​​exchanging experience and knowledge with all market participants - it is also one of the aims of organizing our entire event.

Why should specialists go to Pro Security Conference? What surprises have you prepared for them?

Irina Kuznetsova:
If we don't know something now, we google it on the Internet. For example: “Siri, what is a code review?” Despite huge amount of information on the network, there are often not so many opportunities to find a competent and clear answer.

Time and information are one of the most important resources these days. At our conference everyone will have an opportunity to get an answer to any of the questions quickly, simply by asking the experts.

In addition to the reports of the speakers, we will have another, no less interesting, format of communication - Real talk. This format, which is currently used by many companies on the market, was originally invented by Sigur. During the Real Talk we will discuss in a simple and easy way a difficult question of the zoo of systems at the facility.

We welcome activity and involvement of all participants of the event, support networking and communication - so, a special service for questions will be at the conference, and prizes have been prepared for the most active participants.

Roman Milostivy:
The security industry is increasingly integrating into IT, and will become a full-fledged part of it in the foreseeable future. The demands of system's users are growing, and, as a result, the tasks of analytics and business automation are expanding. Specialists working in these areas need new knowledge and experience already now in order to remain in-demand professionals tomorrow. By visiting our event, they will receive this knowledge and experience, and as a pleasant addition - new acquaintances.

During the process of preparing the conference, we approached the issue of choosing speakers very scrupulously and moderating the business program, which will not include promotional reports. I am glad we were able to gather representatives of leading companies that set the vector for the development of the entire industry.

Why do you think the security industry is getting closer to IT?

Roman Milostivy:
Security systems are becoming a full-fledged part of the IT infrastructure as they perform the tasks of not only monitoring, but also analytics and automating business processes now. The main area of responsibility of modern security systems is the provision of comprehensive tools for the growth of the company, which is impossible without communication between all elements of the facility's infrastructure.

Irina Kuznetsova:
The security industry has already become part of IT. How and why it has happened, you can learn from the reports of the speakers at the Pro Security Conference - come, we still have a few free seats.

Professional Security Conference is an event for experts in the security and IT industry, which will be held in Minsk on February 15th. The conference is organized by Sigur with the support of Solo Security, its official representative in the Republic of Belarus.